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Is Riding a Motorcycle Worth the Risk? | Attorney Javier Marcos

Riding a Motorcycle | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

There are a lot of reasons to ride a motorcycle – they seem more convenient than cars, they’re cost efficient and they make you look cool. For most motorcycle enthusiasts, there is no other feeling like heading out on the open rushing through the air. But is all of this worth the risks that come with riding a motorcycle?

Riding a Motorcycle Is Dangerous

Now I know what you’re thinking – riding anything on the road is dangerous. And although that is true, the risks motorcyclists have is much higher.

For starters, the risk of sustaining serious injuries is a lot higher in bike riders as compared to the passengers in the car. How high you ask?

Well, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the number of deaths for motorcyclists is 27 times higher than for car drivers and passengers per mile traveled. That’s a very high number if you think about it.

To add to the risk, motorcyclists are a lot more likely to sustain critical head injuries that may even cause them their lives, or may require extensive treatment for a long time.

Severe injuries to the legs are also more likely to happen to motorcyclists than to car passengers. These injuries can even leave one paralyzed for life.

In fact, the fatality rate for motorcycle accidents has more than doubled in the past two decades.

What makes all of this more alarming is that most of these statistics come from riders who had been obeying the rules of the road and were practicing all the safety tips you could think of. So it’s not like they were reckless drivers who got caught in accidents; these are mostly law abiding people.

But Is Riding a Motorcycle Really That Bad?

Another fact is that no matter how dangerous riding a motorcycle may be, or what the statistics say, some people just can’t imagine their life without a bike; it really is an experience like no other.

So ultimately the answer to ‘are motorcycles worth the risk?’ really just comes down to you.

Yes, it is still dangerous, but you have to decide for yourself whether you have the physical and mental strength to deal with the unique set of challenges that come with motorcycle-riding; whether you are doing it on an empty road or a busy street.

What you can do is make sure that you follow all the safety rules, and be extra careful about the other cars. Remember that in almost two-thirds of motorcycle accidents, the accident is caused by the other vehicle violating the motorcycle’s right of way. So don’t expect other drivers to care about your safety, and drive as defensively as you can.

If you really believe that motorcycles are worth the risk, then enjoy your passion – but be careful while you’re at it.

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