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Hispanic Lyft Accident Attorney

Many wonder; If I was in an accident with a Lyft car, can I sue? The simple answer to that question is: yes.

You can sue your Lyft driver or the company itself if you get into a car accident. This applies whether you were a passenger, or got hit by a Lyft. However, you need to know the facts and understand the laws of your particular state or country in these situations. Whether you sue the driver or Lyft itself will also depend on the scenario and damages of your accident, and so will the amount of insurance money that will be available. A Lyft Accident Attorney like Javier Marcos can help you receive the maximum compensation for you accident case.

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Attorney Javier Marcos can start helping you today with your Lyft accident claim.  We offer free consultations 24 hours a day, everyday.  Truck accidents can happen at anytime, that is why we answer the phone anytime you need us.  Call us at (713) 999-4444 or use the form on this page to contact us.  We will meet you at your convenience in-person, on the phone or video chat.

Attorney Javier Marcos and Your Lyft Accident Claim

An accident can occur at any time. Its important to know who to call when it happens. Attorney Javier Marcos is a personal injury attorney in Texas that can help you with any accident case. His office is recognized for having great customer service. As soon as an accident happens, its important to call a Lyft accident attorney. Do not call insurance companies, as they will focus on giving you the minimum compensation. Let the attorney speak with them. Our office is open 24 hrs. There is no payment unless we win the case and we go to you. In here, we all speak Spanish, even the attorney.

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How Does Lyft Insurance Work in Case of Your Accident?

There are three insurance policies that cover a Lyft driver, that depend on the status of the driver at the time of the accident. These situations are:

  1. The first scenario is when the driver is ‘off the clock’, which means that they aren’t available to accept rides at the moment. During this time, the policy that will apply would be their own personal car insurance. In this case, Lyft’s insurance coverage would not apply to you, even if the car that hit you has a Lyft sticker on it.
  2. The second scenario is when the driver is on the clock, but doesn’t have a passenger. The driver’s personal car insurance policy will still apply to you, but some contingency insurance will be applied on Lyft as well. So if you get hit by a passenger-less Lyft, technically you get to sue the driver as well as the company.
  3. The final scenario is when the driver is carrying a passenger. In this case, the full weight of the insurance coverage is on Lyft. In monetary terms, this means that there is a $1,000,000 in liability and $1,000,000 in property damage coverage that you can avail. This applies whether you were a passenger in the accident, or the person who got hit.

All of these factors need to be considered before you decide to sue the driver or the company. Also note that these policies only apply if you were injured or had some sort of property damage. If there isn’t any visible proof of the damage the accident caused, then the insurance claims don’t apply to you.

Lyft Attorney | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Is using Lyft safe?

Statistically, it is safe to use ridesharing and taxi services to get around Houston.  Studies have showed that in 2018, there were 58 fatalities in ridesharing vehicles out of 1.3 billion rides.  So using Lyft is safe for the most part.  But if you have been injured as a result of an Lyft driver, then it is highly recommended that you seek legal advice from a personal injury attorney like Javier Marcos.

The law office will gather together the evidence in your case and represent you to the insurance companies.  Javier Marcos will also make sure that you are fairly and completely compensated for your injuries and loss.

What happens if you have an accident?

It can be very difficult for you to make claims against the company in case you experience this unfortunate event. Lyft does not list its drivers as employees. Therefore, there are sources and cracks in the law that the company can use to help them avoid paying you your insurance money.

If you have been injured in an accident, whether you were the passenger or where you were driving and you were hit. It is always best to call a rideshare accident attorney. Don’t talk to the insurance company, let the attorney talk to them.

These are the steps that you need to take after a Lyft accident:

Getting into a car accident is far from being a pleasant experience. So it makes sense if you aren’t able to function rationally afterwards. However, it is important to stay calm in such situations. As soon as you are able to make sense of the situation, it is important that you try to examine everything that is going on.

First and foremost, check yourself for any apparent injuries. In case you have sustained one, just stay in place until help arrives. If you aren’t injured and can move around, check if other people who were involved in the accident need any assistance.

Call 911

Call 911 as soon as possible to report the incident. The situation may already be very tense, so wait for help to arrive without making any more hassle. They will send medical help as well as police to the location as fast as possible.

Gather Information

While you wait for help to arrive, collect as much information of the accident as you can, as this will later help you file a strong case. Ask for details about your Lyft driver as well as the other car if one came into collision. Note down names, phone numbers, license numbers, models of the cars, number plates, etc. The more information you gather, the stronger your case will be.

Collect Documentation of the Accident in One Place

It is important to document the accident and keep all of the proof and receipts in one place. This should include all the receipts for the treatment of the injuries you sustained during the accident or any damages you had to pay for. All of these can be included in your claim to make it stronger. If possible, take pictures of the accident scene right after, and include them here as well. Keeping all the documentation in one place will make it easier for you to access it when required.

Hire an Attorney

After all of the above steps have been taken, there isn’t much more you can do. This is where you need to hire a good attorney to take your case forward. Find a good attorney who is experienced in this area and hand over all the information you have to them. They will then help you create a strong case.

Attorney Javier Marcos is a good option to consider if your accident took place within Houston. We specialize in car accidents and have a 24-hour consultation service so that you can talk to them before making the decision to hire them. He doesn’t require you to pay unless you win the case.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rideshare Accidents

Yes, it’s good idea to contact an attorney when you have been involved in an accident with a ridesharing service. Insurance coverage for Lyft drivers vary and can be complex depending on what status the driver was in when the accident occurred.  Additionally, the driver’s insurance may not cover the accident if they did not indicate to their insurance company that they use their vehicle as part of a job or ridesharing contract. It is important that you have a good accident attorney to get the most compensation to pay for your injuries and damage to your property.

First seek medical attention. Then get contact information from the other driver as well as witnesses. Next, take pictures of the accident scene. The police will make a report and provide you with a number. Afterwards, if you have serious injuries and/or damage to your vehicle, it is highly recommended that you call a personal injury attorney.  He will be able to represent your best interest against the insurance companies that will be working to minimize the amount of financial liability.  A good personal injury attorney like Attorney Javier Marcos will ensure that you get the medial attention.

Each company has different ways they handle their drivers and injury claims that come up when one of their drivers gets into an accident.  Drivers for both services are contracted people that are required to maintain their own insurance in the event of an accident.  Also, it depends upon the “status” that the Uber of Lyft driver was in when the accident occurred.  It may become complicated. It’s a good idea to hire a personal injury attorney in these cases so that you can recover as much as possible.

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