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Have you been seriously injured in an accident?

Attorney Javier Marcos is a Hispanic and Latino accident lawyer that can help.

Our firm has been handling serious accident injury cases for over 22 years with thousands of clients. We can help you.

We go to you! 24 Hr Service! Including the holidays! Hablamos Español!

Hispanic and Latino Accident Lawyer

Your immigration status does not matter, if you’re here illegally, without permission, or with a work visa; we can help you in your accident case.
Protecting the rights of injury victims with the best customer service. We offer transportation for our clients, receive medical attention, free consultation, money for your accident and we speak Spanish.

We are a law firm dedicated to Hispanic and Latinos community.

Attorney Javier Marcos is a Hispanic and Latino accident lawyer. He is a first generation American born from Mexican immigrants. In fact, sometimes immigrants are taken advantage of because we are from different countries or simply do not know the law. Javier is here to help you in any accident case. However, our dedicated team of lawyers and professional staff, are ready to take on your injury case and work hard to get you the highest compensation for your pain and suffering.  We will aggressively represent your best interests to recover damages that are commensurate with your losses.  Our firm has a proven track record of successful cases and responsive care for our clients.

Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week for professional legal representation and results.  After all, our consultations are free and we do not get paid unless you win your case. All of our representatives speak Spanish. Remember that not all personal injury attorneys are the same.  We do not settle for anything less than maximum compensation for your loss. 

As I have said, Javier Marcos is an accident attorney who can help you in your accident case. Such as car accident, truck accident, dog bite, accident at work, construction accident, bicycle accident, any type of accident. He can also help in other types of cases such as exposure to chemicals, falls or death by negligence. We go you wherever you are 24 hours a day. In case of an accident it is better that you do not let time pass and you should not talk to the insurance company. It is best to call Accident Attorney Javier Marcos as soon as possible to begin your case.

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Services offered by our law firm

  • Always get free consultation 24 hours a day 713.999.4444.
  • We go to you wherever you are.
  • Receive medical attention at no cost.
  • Hence, if you do not feel good, it is better to visit the doctor. Do not wait, call Hispanic and Latino accident lawyer Javier Marcos 713.999.4444 immediately.
  • Here you do not pay anything if you do not win.
  • Receive money for your accident.
  • It does not matter if you do not have papers or are illegal.
  • All speak Spanish.
  • If you do not speak English, do not worry, here we all speak Spanish! Attorney Javier Marcos speaks with you in Spanish.

Hispanic and Latino Lawyer

For more than 22 years, Accident Attorney Javier Marcos has defended the rights of Hispanics. He is the attorney for Hispanics and Latinos. This is why our slogan is “Justicia para los Hispanos! ®” and “Justicia para los latinos. The lawyer is a professional accident attorney with a lot of knowledge and legal experience. Focusing primarily on accident and litigation cases. He knows how to take good and quick decisions to attack the other side and has a record of excellence. You should not let time go by and you should not talk to the insurance company. In case of an accident, call Hispanic and Latino accident lawyer Javier Marcos immediately and 24 hours a day at 713.999.4444.

At any stage of litigation, even if your case goes to trial in a civil court, during trial, no one can ask you about your immigration status, nor can they ask you for a social security number or tax id. These are questions that should not be asked and are protected under Texas and United States law. Remember, your  immigration status does not matter, if you’re here illegally, without permission, or with a work visa; we can help you in your accident case.

“El servicio al medico fue muy bueno. Nos ayudaron bastante los doctores; nos consintieron. El que venga con este abogado es bueno, lo recomiendo. Te atienden bien, te tratan bien y te apoyan.” -Familia Silva
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“Tuve un accidente, me atropellaron. Y gracias a Dios acudi al Abogado Javier Marcos. Pues estoy bien y recibí la compensación. Gracias a el y se los recomiendo que es buen abogado.” – Anabilma
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“Mi esposo y yo viajábamos en un autobús y choco el autobús. Vimos al abogado Javier Marcos. Muchas gracias porque él es muy buen abogado y pues se los recomiendo a otras personas que pasen por lo mismo.” -Gloria
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“El Abogado Javier Marcos es un señor muy respetuoso, responsable. Estuvieron conmigo al 100% en todo momento y me ayudaron a recibir mi compensación.”
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Why choose Attorney Javier Marcos?

One look online and you can see that there are literally thousands of personal injury attorneys in and around Houston.  So what makes us different?  Why should you choose us over others?

For instance, attorney Javier Marcos has steadily grown this law firm over the years.  It takes a persistence and know-how that has tripped up many firms along the way.  Our law firm is dedicated to our clients.  When we take a case, its will all of our resources.  We have a very professional team that works tirelessly to successfully represent hundreds of victims each year.


Each case is unique but one thing is constant with our law firm: all the decisions we make, all the advice we give is to ensure you have a successful case and we get your the most compensation for your injuries.


We make sure that we are available for you when you need us. Our firm will keep you in the loop when it comes to your case and let you know honestly what you can expect regarding compensation and case timeline.


Our personal injury attorneys have decades of experience in representing victims of accidents. They will fight for your legal rights and work hard to get maximum recovery for your pain and suffering.


Some cases are large and require significant resources to properly see it to the end. Many attorneys just do not have the resources to take on some larger cases. We have the resources to let the other side know we can take it to trial if necessary.

We handle all types of personal injury cases

There are definitely many ways that accidents can happen and they can happen at any time.  Attorney Javier Marcos and his dedicated staff handles any type of accident that results in serious injuries and damages.  You need someone that is knowledgeable about the law, aggressive in fighting for you and has the resources to take the case wherever it needs to go to get maximum compensation. We work to serve you as quickly as possible. To conclude, you can call the office 24 hours a day and everyone here speaks Spanish. Call anytime, we are available for you and ready to assist you in your accident with bilingual attorneys in Houston. Sign up for a free case evaluation today!

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