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Recoverable Compensations in a Wrongful Death Case | Attorney Javier Marcos

Wrongful death case | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Losing a loved one in an accident imposes an emotional trauma that takes a lot of time to heal adequately. However, federal and state laws allow the family of the deceased person to file for certain recoverable compensations. It’s their right to lawfully get the tangible compensations for certain damages following the death of a loved one. It is better to call a wrongful death case attorney like Javier Marcos to help you with your case.

There are multiple forms of monetary damages that can be covered under fatality- wrongful death compensations. The exact amount of compensations, however, depends on various factors. From circumstances of death to the age of the deceased person and his financial well-being. A lot of factors actually decide the final sum of any compensation involving fatal consequences.

Recovering Lost Income

Getting the compensation for lost income is the most crucial part of any wrongful death claim.  Laws prescribe that beneficiaries are always entitled to the full compensation of lost economic gain resulting from a wrongful death. In case, the deceased person was on a job prior to their death. The legal counsel with the help of an economist try to calculate the closest number that the person would have earned for the rest of his life. Average life expectancy and other variables are also taken into account to get to a more realistic number.

It’s relatively easier to predict the amount of lost income for an adult with a working history and a record of past earnings. However, for underage individuals, this calculation becomes rather difficult because of inconclusive education details and absence of any work experience.

Pre-Death Pain and Suffering Recovery

In many fatal accident cases or wrongful death cases, people suffer acute pain and suffering prior to their departure. If the deceased person leaves behind any beneficiary who was directly dependent on his support. Then he/she is entitled to collect pre-death pain and suffering compensations. Once again, such damages vary from case to case.

It is important to mention here that in case of a sudden death following an accident where the deceased couldn’t even get the moments to realize what has happened. The beneficiaries can’t get any compensation for pre-death pain and fear.

Since the deceased are no longer here to describe their suffering, therefore the jury and the judge have to rely on witness accounts. Experts such as doctors and pathologists who attend the decreased just before the death can provide valuable information in this regard. Accounts from bystanders and other witnesses can make the case for the pre-death compensation even stronger.

Reimbursement of Medical and Funeral Spending

Many wrongful death cases often entail a protracted medical treatment. The law allows the aggrieved loved ones to file for medical expenses reimbursement in such cases. One can still get compensated for these medical expenses even if they are covered by insurance.

Similarly, funeral expenses can also be reimbursed. Arranging funeral and burial are quite expensive affairs. So, laws ensure that the aggrieved family wouldn’t embroil in financial problems when it is already reeling from the wrongful death of a loved one.

An attorney with the experience and expertise of dealing with wrongful death claims can deal with fatality compensations in a better and more effective manner. They know about the costs that are part of fatality compensations prescribed in respective state laws.

Wrongful Death case attorney | Attorney Javier Marcos

If a family member or loved one dies because an irresponsible, reckless, or negligent person or company acted in an indifferent or unprepared way you maybe eligible to receive the fair compensation you deserve for your loved one’s loss and suffering. Personal Injury Attorney Javier Marcos is ready to assist you 24/7. He is a wrongful death case attorney ready to help you. Call 713.999.4444 for a free consultation.




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