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Types of accidents at work and their legal ramifications

Almost all injuries caused by an accident at work can be compensated by the injured employee’s employer. These include conditions that can develop overtime due to negligence of the employer or poor working conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, hearing and vision loss etc.

Psychological and emotional conditions can also be attributed to certain conditions and you have every right to ask for costs that can help you pay for therapy. In legal terms a personal injury refers to injuries that result from accidents at work and which fall under workplace injury laws.  Some of the common ones are as follows:

Slips and falls

Falls and slips are some of the most common accident at work that miners, factory workers and those working in construction can experience. A fall from several stories up can result in broken bones, internal injuries and even death especially if the injured party is not given timely medical aid. Workers who suffer from such accidents at work may be bedridden for an indefinite period of time depending on their injuries and some may not even be able to work at all. Falls from defective ladders, scaffoldings and slips on wet floors that do not have warning signs placed on them, are common.

Injuries sustained from repetitive movements

As the name implies, these injuries refer to those that come about with movements that need to be repeated over and over which is why they are most common in factories. However, workers who spend most of their day typing on keyboards and who do not have appropriate ergonomic aid can suffer from these injuries as well such as carpal tunnel. Even if those tasks are necessary for a job, it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure their workers don’t end up suffering as a result by providing appropriate protective equipment.

Vehicular accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are usually caused by reckless drivers and in the workplace, these can be deadly. This includes equipment malfunctions in factories and construction sites for instance and which can be easily prevented with regular checks and maintenance. Failure to do so is the fault of the employer, not his hard working employees and the latter have every right to claim medical support in case they get maimed or are unable to work because of such injuries.

Speaking of insufficient safety guidelines, all workplaces have to have strict safety guidelines and rules in place for the safety of the workers to avoid accidents at work. Employers who fail to do this automatically set their workers up for disaster. This includes taking out a risk assessment to maximize the chances of their employees remaining injury free and secure while they are working.

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