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The Rise in Honda and Toyota Vehicle Recalls | Attorney Javier Marcos

Vehicle recalls | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Whether it is for personal use, office use or business use – automotive vehicles have become a necessity. Among the many brands that design and manufacture automotive units, the market at large is dominated by two major industry players: Honda and Toyota. Being a machine, it is normal to expect a malfunction of components in your vehicle. At most, these malfunctions are part and parcel of the operational cycle (like, in any other machine), and sometimes the malfunction can also be a manufacturing defect (which is rare). Here is what you need to know about honda and toyota vehicle recalls.


If, we are to go by the recent reported events, it appears, as if component failure due to manufacturing defects are increasing, with Honda and Toyota vehicles being at the center of it. These failures have not only invited inconvenience for the vehicle owners, but, it has also resulted in a number of unfortunate fatalities.

Consequently, there has been a rise in Honda and Toyota vehicle recalls.

What are These Different Types of Failures?

The recently experienced failures, entailing the increased vehicle recalls of Honda and Toyota vehicles, can be categorized into:

 Defective Airbags

This issue has continued to create a massive buzz in the automotive industry since 2013. Takata, the manufacturer of air bag modules, that come fitted with Honda and Toyota, describe the issue as the improper and defective deployment of inflator and propellant devices, which causes metal airbag inflators to burst open – even when there is no crash.

To the end of last year, more than 11 deaths and 184 injuries were reported in U.S because of these defective airbags. Approximately 42 million vehicles in U.S, are potentially affected by this issue, with recalls exceeding 7 million worldwide. For a detailed insight, please click here.

Defective Battery Sensors

This has been one of the recent faults, in the line of reported cases, where the battery sensors that come installed in Honda Accord vehicles (units produced between 2013 and 2016), have been found to be malfunctioning. These faulty sensors, can and have triggered fire in car batteries, putting the safety of the vehicle, the driver and the nearby traffic at risk.

To date, more than 1.2 million cars have been recalled in U.S, and it is believed that this number could rise in future. Only in U.S., the number of fatalities have been reported to be 12.

Oil Leaks

In addition to defective airbags, the auto manufacturing giant Toyota is also facing another issue with its Tacoma Trucks (the 2016 and 2017 models). The issue concerns oil leak, which alongside, affecting the performance of these trucks, also carry risk of potential accidents, since drivers can lose control and crash.

The recall includes 228000 units, nationwide. To learn more, please click here.

Why You Should Follow These Recalls Closely?

All of these defects, as discussed earlier, carry the risk of endangering the safety of the driver and increases the probability of roadside accidents. Moreover, if you have a vehicle that potentially has any of these manufacturing defaults, and it’s being used by any of your employees, as an employer, you could be responsible for any consequences that they might face.

What Should You Do?

You can determine that whether your vehicle is liable for a potential recall or not by visiting the following links:

·        Toyota Recalls

·        Honda Recalls

If it is, you should immediately contact the concerned authority.

How We Can Help You | Vehicle recalls

At Attorney Javier Marcos & Associates, we can help you if you have been affected in any way by any of these automotive manufacturing defects. If you are an employee who was injured while driving the defective vehicle on duty, we can help you get a compensation. If you are a victim, we can help you with your law suit. If you want help with your automotive insurance claim, we can help you. For a free case evaluation, please click here.  




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