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Uber During COVID-19 Safety Precautions | Attorney Javier Marcos

Uber during Covid | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused drastic changes around the world, and Uber is no different. With the lockdown being lifted, and normal life being resumed. Uber has announced a set of safety measures that would be followed at all times to prevent the spread of the virus. In this blog we will talk about the safety precautions in Uber during Covid-19.

“It’s important to us that you know what to expect when you take that “second first trip,” announced Uber. “We have been planning for the next phase and what the ‘new normal’ of taking an Uber trip would look like, and rider and driver safety remains a top priority as we get back on the road. We’re continuously learning about our users and their current need for access to distanced, hygienic and safe modes of transportation as we move to coexist with COVID-19. Which is why we’re proud to launch the new safety measures to help everyone who uses the app feel safe and at ease while on trip.”

With these things in mind, Uber has published a list of precautions.

Uber during Covid-19

Vehicle Disinfection:

It has been made mandatory for drivers to disinfect their vehicles at short intervals. In order to make this easy, Uber has partnered up with Nacita Autocare to offer free vehicle sanitization to Uber drivers.

Sanitizers Reimbursement:

Once an eligible driver buys a sanitizer or a disinfectant. They can have it reimbursed as many times as they want.

Safety Checklist:

The drivers will be instructed to follow the advice provided by the public health authority regarding the prevention of the coronavirus. As they open the app, they will be presented with a checklist including questions. Like whether they have washed their hands and sanitized their vehicles. Only after they’ve checked off all the points will they be allowed to provide trips. The riders will also receive a similar checklist before they can hire a ride.

Mask Detection:

In order to make things more secure, Uber has introduced a new feature. That uses sensors to check whether the driver is wearing a mask or not before being allowed to pick up passengers.

Free Cancellation:

If a passenger notices that the driver is not following SOPs. They can cancel the ride without any cancellations charges.

Maximum Capacity:

The maximum capacity for passengers has been reduced to 3 people. And they are suggested to sit in the backseat to promote physical distance from the driver.

No Contact Payment:

It is encouraged for passengers to pay through debit or credit cards. Or other methods provided in the app so that they don’t have to exchange cash.

New Feedback Column:

Passengers are now provided with an extra feedback column that allows them to rate the safety and hygiene of the ride. This will help Uber take appropriate actions to improve their service, and also help future passengers to determine how safe it is to travel through that specific vehicle.

So if you need to travel through public transport but are worried about the safety precautions in Uber during Covid. Be assured that they are doing their best to make the ride safe for you.

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