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Trucking Accident Lawyer | What to do | Attorney Javier Marcos

Trucking Accident Lawyer | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Trucking accidents can be highly stressful for everyone involved. They can be worse than auto car accidents since trucks are heavy and have a more forceful impact. In some cases, the outcome of a collision between a truck and another vehicle is even fatal. It is understandable to be disoriented and devastated after a truck accident, but you must ensure that your rights are protected before and during a lawsuit. Keep a trucking accident lawyer in mind.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when involved in an accident:

Collect Contact Details

The first thing you must do is collect the contact information of the people involved in the accident. This includes the drivers involved and the witnesses. It doesn’t matter who is at fault at this point. Make sure you have the name and phone numbers, as well as the license plate numbers of the vehicles involved.

Obtaining contact details of the witnesses, if any, ensures that you can reach them in case there is a need to get their statements later on in the case.

Gather as Much Evidence as you can

Gathering evidence right after the accident can play a major role in ensuring that your rights are protected. For instance, if someone changes their statement or a fact, then you might have the evidence from the accident site to prove otherwise.

Note down the color, year, and model of the vehicles involved, and where and how the other vehicle came into contact with your vehicle. You should also note down the parts that have been damaged in all vehicles involved.

If it is possible, take pictures of the accident scene from different angles. This way, you will have visual proof of whatever happened at the accident.

Never Sign Anything or Make any Statements

The accident scene can be chaotic, and it might be simple for you to do what others tell you to do. However, you must be careful about the decision you make in this situation. Never give any statements and sign any documents, as they can be used against you.

Unless the police department issues the paper, don’t sign it. Often insurance companies or defense attorneys send adjusters to get the other driver to sign a release form. If you aren’t careful, you might be agreeing away the legal rights.

Don’t Post Anything on Social Media

Ranting about the accident or simply sharing the details on social media might not sound like a big deal, but it can have an impact on your legal case. Whatever you post can be twisted to be used against you in court. Even something that might not be related to the accident can be used to discredit your injuries.

Trucking Accident Lawyer | Attorney Javier Marcos

The best way to protect your rights after a truck accident is to hire an experienced trucking accident lawyer. The legal team knows how to handle both the insurance companies and the legal team of the other party involved. A legal expert by your side will ensure that your case is being handled properly and that you get the rightful outcome of the lawsuit. Attorney Javier Marcos can help. Call 24 hrs for your free consultation on 713.999.4444. We go to you and we all speak spanish.



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