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Tips For Holidays To Avoid Accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

Tips for holidays to avoid accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

The holiday season is finally upon us. It is time to celebrate with family and friends, attend gatherings, or head off on vacation. This also often means traveling on rain covered roads and highways with an increased risk of accidents. In this article we will give you helpful tips for holidays to avoid accidents.

If you plan to visit your family or head off on a road trip, it is important to ensure your safety while you drive. Avoiding accidents during holidays should be your top priority to truly enjoy this holiday season.

Here are some useful tips to avoid accidents during holidays:

Always Check Your Car Before Long Journeys

When you are planning a long trip during the holiday season, you should make sure to get your car checked by a professional a few days before the journey. You must ensure your vehicle is in perfect condition to travel on the snow for a longer duration.

A day before your journey, check your windshield, battery condition, and oil. This will further reduce your chance of an accident and enhance road safety.

Never Drink When You Have to Drive

No matter how tempted you are to just “take a sip,” you must resist drinking before driving. If you have consumed even a small amount of alcohol at a family gathering, office party, or any hangouts with friends, take a cab instead or ask someone sober to drive you home.

Drunk driving can result in severe accidents, particularly during winters when most roads are covered in snow. Moreover, you can also get arrested when caught drinking and driving.

Even if you don’t get caught, you are at high risk of an accident that can result in injuring yourself, damaging your car, injuring your family, friends, other drivers, and pedestrians.

Check Your Car’s Wheels Before You Drive Off

If you have a long journey ahead and the temperature is low, you need to ensure your wheels are up for the journey.

Check the weather conditions to where you are headed to determine if you would need to install snow tires or a set of chains to navigate through snow. Ensure that the wheels are in the right condition for a smooth ride.

Never Use Your Phone

Making a quick call or text while driving might not seem like a big deal, but even a few seconds of distraction can result in a severe accident that can even cause fatalities. If you have to use your phone, park your car at an appropriate location to use it.

Be Mindful About Speed

There are often more cars on the roads during the holidays. Most of them are out-of-town travelers who aren’t familiar with the local roads. Moreover, you might be traveling to a different town and might not be familiar with the roads. Therefore, keep your speed within the speed limit and avoid over-speeding.

Tips for Holidays to Avoid Accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

These tips can help you enjoy a smooth drive throughout your journey to avoid problems or accidents. Taking cautious steps and being vigilant during the holidays can eliminate any risk of accidents. Victims of car accidents or accidents caused by negligent driving of others can even hold you responsible and seek financial compensation.

It is important to consult an experienced lawyer like Attorney Javier Marcos to avoid any wrongful claims. Overall, the best thing to do is drive safely and enjoy your holidays with your family and friends.

But in case an accident does happen. Attorney Javier Marcos is ready to assist you 24 hrs. You can reach his office by dialing 713-999-4444. Consultation is always free and there is no payment unless we win the case. Do not hesitate to call. We also offer transportation service and speak Spanish.


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