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Texas Accident Lawyer | Attorney Javier Marcos

Texas Accident Lawyer | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

If you find yourself involved in an accident in Texas, the degree of fault is one of the biggest contributing factors in who pays for the damages. If another driver was at fault, then you are eligible to file a claim against their insurance. Whereas if it was your own fault, then you will have to make a claim with your own insurance company. But in case of accidents with uninsured drivers or hit and run cases, insurance claims get more complicated. Call a Texas Accident Lawyer to help you in your case.

What Are the Insurance Requirements of Texas?

Legally speaking, all car owners and drivers in Texas are required to have a minimum of $30,000 to $60,000 insurance coverage for body injuries. And $25,000 in property damage insurance coverage. Texas has an at-fault law that states that when two or more vehicles get into an accident. The at-fault driver insurance pays for any injuries and damage sustained in the accident.

How to File an Accidental Insurance Claim?

When you are the primary cause of the accident, the insurance claim will be filed against your own car insurance. If medical payment coverage or personal injury protection is covered in your policy, you may file a claim up to the limits you have set on your policy.

Note that the bodily injury liability insurance only applies to the injuries of others, not your own since you were the at-fault party.

If the accident was caused due to the other driver’s negligence, then their insurance will be covering your damages. You are eligible to file a claim against their insurance company, and are entitled to damages up to their policy limits.

Unfortunately, as the minimum insurance requirement in Texas is only $30,000 to $60,000, most drivers don’t bother to carry anything more than that. So if your medical bills and damages surpass $60,000, you will have to rely on your own insurance to pay the bills.

Don’t Get Lazy With Your Claim

One thing you have to keep in mind if you get into an accident in Texas is that the insurance company is not on your side. It may seem like they are trying to help you, but you should know that the insurance company has their own interests in mind, not yours. A Texas Accident Lawyer will speak with the insurance company. Call as soon as  the accident happens, do not let time pass by.

Most companies also have a time frame for reporting the accident and filing the insurance claim. So it is crucial to get to work as soon as possible. First and foremost, you should contact 911 and receive medical help. Then call a accident lawyer. He will speak with your insurance company and notify them of the accident.

Then it is a good idea to hire a personal attorney who will help you file a strong case.

Texas Accident Lawyer

Accident Attorney Javier Marcos is a great option for accidents in Texas. Not only does he provide free consultancy, he doesn’t require you to pay unless you win the case.

Just remember to act quick, and you will be able to file a claim that will help you and your case. Javier Marcos is licensed as a Texas Accident Lawyer. He can help with any accident case in Texas. Call 24 hrs at 713.999.4444. We all speak Spanish and we go to you.


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