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Who is to blame if you slip and sustain injuries in a grocery store?

Grocery store. Slip attorney

When you are shopping in a grocery store and have little time on your hands, the last thing on your mind is getting injured. Unfortunately, you are liable to get injured rushing around like especially if you fail to see a spill in your path. If the floor has been washed recently and there is no sign pointing that it is wet, then chances of a serious injury are imminent. The good news is that you can claim damages from the store by citing negligence on their part.

A spill in a grocery store that is ignored by staff or cleaned but with no sign warning shoppers to stay away from it is a clear-cut case of store negligence and you can claim damages in case you injure yourself due to it.

The owners of the store are legally responsible for ensuring customers remain safe while they are shopping within the premises. However, they will not be responsible if someone slips and sustains and injury under their own violation. In order to prove that the injuries were caused due to store negligence, the injured party has to provide proof and establish this fact.

A store is nothing more than property and owners have to take steps to ensure it is safe to walk and shop through. This includes eliminating hazards that may injure guests and taking reasonable steps for their safety. By ‘reasonable’ we mean measures that any prudent store owner might take to ensure the same circumstances. For example if you slipped on spilt juice that a shopper spilled in front of you immediately after the incident, the store might not be liable. However, if significant amount of time passed and the grocery store did not mop up the mess before your fall, then it can be held liable.

Even though the store cannot be deemed as an insurer of safety, it does have certain obligations and one of them is to ensure its customers remain safe from harm at all costs. Managers and employees in the store have to ensure this does not happen so they can be held accountable for spills as well. They cannot create a dangerous situation either. If it creates one and notices an imminent one, then the staff and managers have a legal responsibility to either fix the condition or warn store visitors of the imminent danger.

If you ever get injured because of store negligence, then you have to prove that your condition is the result of store negligence. This means you have to prove:

  • The owner of the store knew of the spill or should have known that the condition of the floor or stairs was not safe.
  • The store owner failed to warn shoppers of the imminent danger
  • The injury was caused because you did not have prior warning of the dangerous condition (such as a sign saying ‘Wet Floor.’)
  • The injury was caused because the owner of the store failed to correct said dangerous condition

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