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How long it takes to recuperate from a slip and fall injury?

Slip and fall injury | Attorney Javier Marcos 713.999.4444

It can happen to you. At some point in your life chances are high that you will have a slip and fall injury and suffer from injuries if you fall at an odd angle. These incidents can happen anywhere and at anytime and the fault might not be your own.

According to premise liability laws, owners of public spaces such as parking lots, grocery stores, walkways etc have a duty to ensure they are maintained to prevent these kinds of incidents.

The way you fall and hurt yourself will have a lot to do with how long the recovery period might take. Some of the common injuries you can sustain include:

Neck and back injuries

Believe it or not you can suffer whiplash even after a slip and fall injury. If your head snaps to the side violently when you slip, it can result in severe headaches, neck and back pain or worse, numbness in the arms and hands. Even though the pain and discomfort alleviates in a couple of days, if the injury is serious, it can have long lasting repercussions.

Similarly, lower back injuries can result in the same injuries but in the legs and buttocks area. If the impact is serious, you might suffer from a fracture or worse, a herniated disc which can take a couple of months to recover from.

Shoulder injuries

Whether you fall on your side or not, you can suffer from shoulder injuries especially if you try to reduce the impact by putting your hands out. This can also cause injuries to your wrists and arms since the rotator cuff which holds the ball joint of your upper arm will be impacted. This can result in severe shoulder pain which can get worse as gravity works on it.

If the pain is minor, then a quick trip to the doctor for pain killers and heating pads might see you on your feet again in a few days. Major injuries such as a dislocated shoulder can take a month to recover from depending on your healing capabilities.


These are the most common slip and fall injuries you can suffer from even if you try and save yourself. Grabbing onto a railing while falling for instance can fracture an arm or place enough strain on your wrists to make them snap. All types of fractures are excruciatingly painful and can take a couple of months to recover from. Most people who are over 65 years of age or older may never be able to recover at all and live the rest of their lives in pain.

Slip and fall injury – Attorney Javier Marcos

If you have been a victim of a slip and fall injury or know someone whose quality of life has been severely impacted because of one, then Attorney Javier Marcos can help. Hire our attorneys to be in your corner in court and create a compelling case that can get you the damages you need for your pain and suffering. Call us today by dialing 713.444.9999. Free consultation and no payment unless we win.



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