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Do not use Self Representation in a Personal Injury Case | Attorney Javier Marcos

Self Representation in a Personal Injury Case | Attorney Javier Marcos

Individuals have the option of representing themselves in courts instead of hiring an experienced lawyer. While this decision might work for some, there are higher chances of losing even a simple case. Self representation in a personal injury case might sound appealing, mainly because it eliminates the cost of seeking a professional’s help, but it can actually end up costing you more.

The most common reasons why individuals opt to represent themselves in court are as follows:

  • They believe they can’t afford a lawyer
  • They had a bad experience with an attorney previously
  • They believe they have what it takes to fight for their rights
  • They believe their evidence is strong enough
  • They don’t properly understand the complexities of the legal system

While these reasons may seem good enough on face value, you must understand that the opposing lawyer will be aggressive and will try their best to devalue even the strongest of evidence.

Reasons Self Representation Isn’t the Right Choice

One of the major reasons why this is not a wise move is because judges are often susceptible to such cases. They are well aware of the possible problems that may occur when plaintiffs refuse legal counsel, including:

  • Extensive pressure of opposing lawyer on the plaintiff
  • Difficulty faced by the plaintiff in complying with the court procedures
  • Insufficient courtroom control
  • Litigation delays
  • Judges’ tendency of ruling unfavorably against litigants

In many cases, plaintiffs representing themselves are not even able to make it till the court date. There are numerous missed deadlines, failure to comply with all the legal formalities, or inability to make a strong legal case.

Problems You May Face

Even in cases where the self-representing plaintiffs have a better understanding of the legal processes, there are still plenty of things that might go wrong. The main problems you are most likely going to face when self-representing your personal injury case include:

  • Being emotionally invested in the case can result in bad decision-making
  • Poor or absence of procedural knowledge can lead to delays, errors, or total devaluation of your case
  • The opposing lawyer will view you as vulnerable and undoubtedly place more pressure on you
  • You may end up accepting a low settlement offer due to no experience
  • You would not have an experienced team performing research and investigation for your case
  • Low case valuation even before you have filed it

Personal injury cases are different from criminal cases, which means that you are responsible for providing proof. Lack of evidence and strong proof can result in you losing the case. Moreover, such cases tend to drag on for years. Even if you have evidence, the ability to present it the right way, arguing for your case, as well as negotiating a settlement amount may not be your forte.

Do not use Self Representation in a personal injury case| Call Attorney Javier Marcos

Therefore, it is essential that you think carefully about this decision and determine whether you are up for the stress and pressures that are typically associated with these cases. Having an experienced personal injury attorney establishing your case and fighting on your behalf can be highly beneficial for you and the outcome of your case.  Do not use self representation in a personal injury case, call Attorney Javier Marcos 24 hrs. Just dial 713-999-4444. Consultations are always free, we go to you, receive medical attention at no cost and we all speak Spanish.



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