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The role of sleep deprivation in car accidents

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Very few people get enough sleep each day and the result is apparent on the roads. According to a Oklahoma survey, less than 40% of Americans get the recommended hours of sleep each night and most sleep an average of 6.8 hours. Besides causing a series of health problems, this also increases the chances of car accidents. Unfortunately, with long working hours and longer commutes to work, this problem has become an epidemic and courts are filled with car accident cases that have yet to be resolved.

The problem is pervasive with shift workers who work long or irregular hours each day which is why most are either narcoleptic or suffer from other sleep disorders that prevent them from remaining focused on the road. Long haul truck divers barely get 5 hours of sleep a day and according to the National Transportation Safety Board, more than half of truck accidents are caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

Besides long hours on the road, sleep deprived drivers are usually over weight as well – obese drivers have higher chances of drifting off at the wheel compared to their healthier counterparts and lack of exercise is also a factor for their lack of focus. However, a lack of resting facilities on highways is also a large contributor for the number of traffic accidents that occur on those roads.

Besides fully grown adults, teenagers are also involved in car accidents that are the result of sleep deprivation especially during summer vacations. Many fail to realize that they need a lot more sleep than adults and they suffer the consequences because of it. Most need at least 9 hours of sleep a night to remain focused and productive the next day. Partying all night long and coming home in the early hours of the morning or late at night does not do their fatigue any favors either. However, studying late at night and getting up early for school after vacations is also a factor.

Since these drivers are relatively inexperienced, their chances of crashing when they are tired are higher compared to adults who might know their limits better in comparison.

Drowsy driving can kill and it has claimed more lives than drunk driving. Drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike suffer debilitating and life threatening injuries that can easily be avoided with a little shuteye. In such cases, it is not difficult to determine who the guilty party is but variables do exist which a layman may not be able to understand.

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