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Rodeo Parking lot Accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

Rodeo Parking Lot Accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

While the rodeo season is all about eating, concerts, shopping, hanging out, cruising, and lots of fun activities. It also brings heavy traffic around NRG stadium, long queues for parking, roads crowded with pedestrians, and the fear of Rodeo parking lot accidents.

These makeshift parking lots for hundreds of vehicles and trucks rapidly become a jumble of busy, irritated, distracted, and rushed drivers, putting everyone, including pedestrians, in danger of being embroiled in an auto accident.

This blog will talk about some common Rodeo parking lot accidents and how to avoid them, along with the laws that apply to resolve the damage.

The Common Rodeo Parking Lot Accidents

Bumping into a Moving Car

When a vehicle backs out of a parking space without taking the required measures, this is one of the most prevalent accidents. It generally occurs when a person exits the designated parking space.

Exiting the Parking Lot Space and Entering Traffic Lane

Drivers in the traffic lane always have the right of way. When exiting the parking lot, some drivers forget to stop and look at both sides before entering the lane and crash in without checking if it is clear to go.

While Rushing for Parking Space

When two drivers race for a parking place, they frequently crash with one other or other automobiles in the area.

Crashing into Pedestrians

Drivers preoccupied with finding an open parking place don’t always see pedestrians or other cars.

How can you avoid Accidents in Heavy Traffic during the Rodeo?

There are a few safety considerations you should keep in mind, according to safety experts, to ensure your Holiday shopping spree goes off without a hitch.

1. Keep your mobile phones aside

This universal driving rule applies here too. When the driver is off-track while using their phones or any other activity in the car, there are higher chances of unforeseen accidents.

If the call or text is urgent, first park your car in the safe corner and use your phone.

2. Stay Alert with Pedestrians

During Rodeo, you should expect heavy traffic in the bustling parking lots, pedestrians walking around with heaps of shopping bags, strollers, wheelchairs, food, and everything there is to keep them distracted.

In this case, the driver has to be extra-attentive while driving to save his car and others walking around.

3. Be Patient with other People

Be patient and empathetic with other drivers. It’s very easy to lose your nerve when there’s bumper-to-bumper traffic, and you have to circle ten times around the parking lot to find yourself a parking lot.

Therefore, don’t forget, other drivers are in it with you. Keep your calm, give space, stay visible and be mindful of your actions.

Common Laws that Apply to Parking Lot Accidents

  • You must defer to anyone driving straight before making a turn.
  • Give way to anyone already moving in the feeder lane (perimeters within the parking lots) before pulling out or backing up.
  • The landowner(s) may be held accountable if an accident in the parking lot was due to incorrect design, poor maintenance of pavements, or unkempt vegetation.
  • Parking lot accidents are not dealt with 50/50 ownership, and the final decision is only made after a complete investigation.
  • There is no guaranteed involvement of traffic police in parking lot accidents.

Stay Safe and enjoy the Rodeo! | Attorney Javier Marcos

We hope you found this post helpful in learning how to avoid Rodeo parking lot accidents during the bustling season. Take care of yourself and those around you by being a responsible citizen.

In case you do get in a car accident, call Attorney Javier Marcos for help. Our office is open 24 hrs, there is no payment unless we win the case and consultation is always free. Call now at 713-999-4444.


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