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Reasons we’re seeing an increase in Truck Accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

Truck Accidents Lawyer | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States and every day there are truck accidents. The sad thing about this is that the drivers behind the wheel are not being properly trained by the mega companies. Because of their high demand for drivers, they don’t take the time to train them, and for them the easiest thing is to bring inexperienced drivers.

Here we are going to see the factors and causes of why there is a high number of accidents every day on the highways of our cities. We must prevent than regret as the saying goes.

Drivers are untrained or have poor driving habits

Large online retail companies, such as Amazon, need to hire more drivers to keep up with the increased demand. This could lead to companies hiring anyone they can get. This includes drivers who may not have experience and/or a proper Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Operating a large commercial truck or delivery truck requires skill. Drivers who don’t know what they’re doing are at a greater risk of causing crashes than those who do.

Drivers are overworked

Delivery drivers could be making about 200 stops and delivering up to 300 packages per day. When drivers are in a hurry or overworked, they may be more likely to bypass traffic rules or make careless mistakes behind the wheel.

Not only can this lead to truck accidents with other vehicles. But it can also lead to drivers hitting pedestrians or bicyclists when making deliveries in residential homes.

Shortage of company trucks and overloaded cargo

Online retail companies, such as Amazon, may not have enough company trucks Vans to keep up with the increased demand. As a result, some employees may use personal vehicles, budget box trucks, or U-Haul vans to make deliveries.

Many of these vehicles could lack proper maintenance and may not be safe to operate. All it takes is a loose wheel, tire blowout or brake failure to cause a serious catastrophe truck accident.

What should I do if I was injured in an accident with a delivery driver?

If you were injured in a crash with a delivery truck driver, get an experienced truck accident attorney on your side who can investigate the crash scene, the driver’s behavior, and gross negligence on part of the trucking company.

Truck Accidents Lawyer | Attorney Javier Marcos

Attorney Javier Marcos has been helping truck crash victims in the greater Houston area obtain compensation since 2000. Contact us to find out how we can help you. Our case evaluations are free and confidential.

If you have involved in truck accidents your best bet is to call an attorney you will help you with your claim. Attorney Javier Marcos is very experienced in truck accidents. Our office is open 24 hrs and we all speak Spanish.  Do not trust insurance companies, let Attorney Javier Marcos speak with them. In his office consultation is always free.

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