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Police report after a Car Accident | Attorney Javier Marcos

Police report | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

When you get into a car accident, you may be baffled and bewildered, especially if it wasn’t your fault. However, you do need to call up the police (you’re required to do so) so they can take stock of what happened and carry out the necessary work to record the incident and create a police report. There are some very important duties that these police officers on scene perform.

They end up taking the accounts of the witnesses as well as the drivers involved and try to piece together the evidence and see what happened. They generate the reports that go to public record to help develop measures that prevent accidents such as yours from occurring in the future.

Here are some of the duties of the police officers on the scene of the accident.

The Police Officers’ Responsibilities at the Scene of an Accident

A police officer at the scene of an accident has the duty of making sure that everyone is safe and secure and that traffic at the scene continues to flow in an orderly fashion despite the accident. The police officer is also responsible to clear the path of incoming traffic of the cars that were involved in the accident or at least divert them to a different path.

They are also responsible to document what happened and create an accident report.

Creating a Police Report

The police report is prepared by the police officers after they gather evidence and interview the drivers and any witnesses about the accident. The kinds of questions they ask help them carry out an investigation and figure out what happened when the accident occurred.

The police report generated also has a statement about who the person at fault according to the police officer. Of course, this is a professional judgment on the part of the police officer after they gather the evidence and put the interviews together. It doesn’t show accurately who may have been at fault. The court will ultimately decide who was at fault and is liable to pay the damages because of that.

The process of investigation and court proceedings determine who is at fault. But the police report is an important piece of documentation that aids in determining the result.

Giving Traffic Tickets

A police officer’s investigation also includes giving tickets or “citations” for traffic violations that any of the drivers involved in the accident have made. This may range from making a wrong and unlawful turn to going over the speed limit, which may have contributed to the accident.

The citation may lead to a deduction of points or a fine for the unlawful act will be examined against the driver. A driver may also have to appear in traffic court for that. The citation doesn’t show that the accident was the ultimate fault of the person who got it. It does, however, show that the driver was negligent.

Police Officer in the Court

The police officer may also come as a witness to the court for the case. They may help make the case favorable for you if you are not at fault. But in any case, it is important to have a trustworthy attorney by your side, so you are not wrongfully accused and get the compensation you deserve.

Car Accident | Attorney Javier Marcos

If you have been in a car accident,  the first thing you should do is call 911. When the police arrives, they should do a police report, that way there is a report with all the information about the car accident. After the police report, you should call Attorney Javier Marcos. Do not speak with the insurance, let him speak to them due to the fact that the insurance will want to pay you the minimum amount of money to settle the case. Call 24 hrs 713.999.4444 for a free consultation.


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