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What your Personal Injury Lawyer should know before a case

Personal Injury Lawyer Javier Marcos

Your personal injury lawyer is on your side and as such he/she has to know the full details of your case before presenting it to the court. To ensure you get the best results from your personal injury case, you need to be in-sync with the attorney working with you and that is only possible if you tell him/her everything about the case.

Give the whole story…

Keep in mind that the information you give your attorney will be completely confidential so you really don’t have to hold anything back. No one will find out so try not to omit things pertaining to the case or the accident no matter how embarrassing the facts seem to you. Even if they make you look like the guilty party DO NOT exclude them from your account at any cost whatsoever. Besides making your legal representative look bad in court, any new details can derail the case both of you will painstakingly build for your benefit.

A professional personal injury lawyer will take all of the information you give and mold it into a case that can place you in the best light possible. This includes keeping any negative impacts of the case to a minimum so that you can get a substantial amount as a reimbursement claim. If they are caught unprepared with hidden details that the defendant’s attorney might present, it will compromise the credibility of your case severely. Therefore, answer your attorney truthfully and in detail irrespective of the questions posed so that he/she will have ample time to make a case backed by proof.

This can be a bit overwhelming at first and no one will blame you for it. You just got out of a terrifying ordeal, after all. In order to get the best results possible and to make things easier for yourself, help your attorney by following these simple guidelines:

  • Ask your attorney for clarification if you do not understand something pertaining to the case. This can be anything from events to legal jargon. This will help you make informed decisions about the case.
  • Be prepared for your attorney to examine the credibility of your claim. This is not to prove whether you are guilty or not – the verdict will help your attorney advise you on the merits surrounding your claim and whether you should settle in or out of court.
  • Discuss the goals you have for the case and how you wish to acquire them.
  • Do not miss deadlines and requirements if it can be helped. A prompt and detailed response for your attorney’s queries will reduce stress and make the process smoother.

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