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Are All Personal Injury Attorneys the Same?

When you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in an accident or due to the negligence of others, it is your right to hire an attorney and for that attorney to negotiate a fair settlement or file a lawsuit on your behalf.  So is any licensed personal injury attorney good enough?  Do they all do the same thing?  Will you get the same level of service or the same settlement?

There are many questions and at a time of great emotional and personal stress.  As in all things, there is a big difference when it comes to personal injury attorneys.  The good ones will bring experience, knowledge and resources to the table that others may not.  So how to do find the good ones?

The Internet gives us a valuable resource to finding a good personal injury attorney.  You can easily search the Texas Bar Association website to see if there have been any disciplinary actions against the client.  It will also provide you with their contact information and practice areas which will indicate if his/her focus is in line with your type of injury or accident.  The profile will also tell you how long they have been licensed to practice law and their primary practice location.

Other Internet based sites such as AVVO and even Google will provide reviews that shows other clients experiences with they attorney.  Some of these reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.  Fake reviews go both ways, some generated by the firm and some by people that were not even clients.  But it can be a good starting point.

Other important factors include: Experience, Knowledge, Resources and Personality


It is very important that you retain someone that has experience in Personal Injury Cases.  There are many laws that govern lawsuits and settlements in regards to personal injury that are very specific and many times time-sensitive.  You need an attorney that has worked cases similar to yours so that they know all the processes that come with winning a case in your situation.


Here we are not only talking about knowledge of the law.  Good personal injury attorneys have a great working knowledge of many aspects of certain injury types that maximizes your settlement.  From how companies administer workers’ compensation to a working medical knowledge to assess extent of injuries and how to proceed.  A good attorney will know which resources to tap to get the best picture of extent of your injuries and/or loss and present your best case.


Good attorneys will retain a great staff and have access to resources that others may not.  With their experience and knowledge, they have created a network of resources that can help them put together the best case for your situation and maximize your settlement.


Although this may seem a minor trait, attorneys that have a personality that aligns with yours is pretty important in determining success for your case.  It is always best to find a personal injury attorney that you can get along with that gives you a sense of security and one you can trust.  If you feel uncomfortable around a personal injury attorney, that may affect the communication between the two of you which may hamper the case.  Good personal injury attorneys that have confidence, experience and knowledge typically have great inter-personal skills and are very good at putting you at ease and giving you the peace of mind that they will get things taken care of.  That is what you should look for in a personal injury attorney.

Attorney Javier Marcos works very hard to maintain great relationships with his clients.  He fights hard for them and his knowledge and experience gives him the confidence to properly counsel you on the issues at hand when it comes to your case and give you realistic expectations concerning settlement issues.  Communication and commitment are his values and once he takes your case, he will use all the resources available to him to get you all that you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to the negligence of others, give Attorney Javier Marcos a call.  He will meet with you and listen to your case at no cost or obligation.  There is never a fee unless he wins your case.  Visit his website at https://www.attorneyjaviermarcos.com or http://abogadojaviermarcos.com to learn more.

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