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What to do if you hit a parked car | Attorney Javier Marcos

Parked car | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Getting into a car accident is not a crime but leaving the scene is. The same is the case if you happen to hit a parked car. Depending on the situation at hand, you can be charged for failure to stop at the scene of the accident or remain at the scene of the accident.

Depending on the severity of the accident, you can be fined expensive traffic tickets, be imprisoned or have your license suspended as well besides an increase in your car insurance rates.

To prevent all of that from happening, here are a few things you should do in case you hit a parked car:

Wait for the owner of the parked car

Did you know that up to 6 points can be added to your driver’s record if you hit a parked car and run? You cannot be certain that no one saw you do it so the best thing to do in this case is to wait for the owner of the car you ran into. Plus, whatever you do, do not leave the scene of the accident. Wait by the car for some time so that you can let the owner know what happened. If you happen to be in a store parking lot, go inside to locate the owner if it’s taking too long.

Also keep in mind that the owner of the car might be angry and frustrated at what happened but do not turn on them. You need to stay calm in that situation so that you can take responsibility for the accident and exchange contact and insurance information quickly.

Leave a note

If the owner of the car does not come back for hours, leaving a note stating what happened is the next best thing. It should include your:

  • Address and phone number
  • A simple explanation of the accident
  • Your full name

If the car you are driving is not your own, then leave the contact information and name of the car owner as well. The note should include insurance information if you have it handy. The trick is not to say too much so saying that you were distracted while driving will only work against you. Anything can be used against you and the insurance company can sue you for it for loads when it comes to settling.

After writing the note, place it in a conspicuous place in the car such as under the windshield wiper. This is required by law and can be used against you in case you try to hide the note. Failing to do so can result in a hefty fine or up to 2 weeks in jail.

Hit while parked car | Attorney Javier Marcos

Attorney Javier Marcos has years of experience representing clients that where hit while having a parked car in court. This includes victims who want the offending driver to pay for the damages sustained to their parked car. No one is above the law and we will make sure you recover the money that you are due and this includes damages to your car.

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