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Pain and Suffering after a Car Accident | Attorney Javier Marcos

Pain and suffering after a car accident | Attorney Javier Marcos

Car accidents can be super stressful experiences to deal with. In some cases, you actually have no role in the mishap but still have to deal with the trauma. Such accidents are not easy to recover from and have short as well as long-term effects for you and those accompanying you during the incident. No price can be enough for your physical or psychological loss. But to compensate for the damage caused, money does help to a certain extent. This makes it mandatory to know exactly how much should you settle for the pain and suffering after a car accident. So let’s find out below.

How to Calculate Your Damage

The first thing you should be looking at to calculate the damage done are your medical bills.  In typical cases, you will only be compensated if you received any injuries in the accident. Therefore, it is very important to get checked by a doctor soon after the accident to exactly know about your condition.

The ‘Multiply by 3’ Rule

A smart method to find out the extent of damage is to add up all your expenses incurred on account of medical bills. This includes car repairs and any losses of income during the recovery and multiply that amount with 3.

Also remember that you will be paid more if the other motorist was driving under the influence or any other substance.

What is the Average Settlement?

The average settlement for a car accident is $21000, while most of the time it will be between $14,000 and $28000. The settlement is usually higher depending on the severity of the case and insurance coverage.

It also depends on if the injuries that the driver received were major or minor.

What if the Payment is Not Made Immediately?

Sometimes, the payment between the two sides is settled on ‘per diem’ basis. Which means that you will receive the compensation every time your medical report reveals a post-accident injury. Or each time you had to visit the doctor due to the incident.

If the motorist who caused the accident lacks the required insurance limit. Then you will have to turn to your own insurer, provided that you have the relevant coverage.

Pain and Suffering after a car accident | Attorney Javier Marcos

No amount of money can suffice for pain and and suffering after a car accident. But the payment of compensation will lessen your worries and allow for you to recover sooner. In either case, remember to always take appropriate road safety and driving precautions to avoid the mental agony and emotional damage associated with a car accident.

A personal injury lawyer like Javier Marcos can help you with your case. After an accident, call 911. Then call attorney Javier Marcos. He will help you get the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering after a car accident. Consultation is always free, there is no payment unless we win the case and we are open 24 hrs. Call now at 713.999.4444.

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