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Don’t Ignore Pain After Car Accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

Pain after car accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

When people are involved in a car accident, many realize the danger that they’re in and the injuries that they may have suffered. There can be pain after car accidents. One could suffer from lacerations, internal bleeding, fractures, whiplash and more. They know they have suffered from these injuries because of the painful physical sensations that accompany them, these pain signs can actually be clear symptoms of these kind of injuries.

At other instances, it is not immediately apparent that one has suffered an injury because of the absence of physical symptoms and signs on the spot. But be careful because pain after car accidents can appear in days to follow.

Even If You Walked Away Unscathed, You Still May Have Had an Injury

It is at those times that you should be extra cautious about your health and get a medical examination. Sometimes there are signs of serious injuries that appears, hours and even days after the initial car accident. These are delayed symptoms and should be taken very seriously.

Getting Medical Help

There are some symptoms or pain after car accidents that you feel and shouldn’t ignore. The first course of action after contacting a lawyer and getting swapping insurance details is to get a medical evaluation. The medical professional can help find out the type of injuries you may have suffered after your car accident, even if there are no symptoms being displayed.

When symptoms appear after hours, days or weeks of the accident, getting another medical evaluation to see what injuries you have suffered. Insurance companies may say that late injuries were caused by activities after the accident, even though that may not be the case.

The time frame you have until you can make sure you don’t have an injury is limited. It’s typically between settling a claim and signing a release of liability. A Personal injury attorney is, therefore, helpful in such a case because your best interest can be protected with their help and you can get the compensation you deserve from the insurance company.

Delayed Symptoms

Coming back to the symptoms of injury, there are some that are delayed and appear well after the accident itself has taken place. You should not ignore the following symptoms or types of pain after car accidents as and when they appear.

1.    Back Pain

When you notice that you’re having back pain after a few hours or days of your car accident, seemingly out of nowhere, it may be a sign that you’re suffering from a soft tissue injury. It may even be a sprain or a spinal injury or even a herniated disc or whiplash. Tingling and numbness that accompanies this may mean that you have pinched your nerves in the accident.

These symptoms cause quite a lot of pain and also restrict your mobility. Medical help becomes important when you notice delayed back pain symptoms, as a result of a car accident.

2.    Numbness and Tingling

This is again a sign of pinched nerves, meaning that there is a problem communicating messages to and from your brain, resulting in loss of appropriate actions. If not checked out quickly, there may be complications as well as pain. If you feel lightheaded, bruised or like you’re about to faint, it can be a cause of serious concern, and that you need treatment for possible injuries.

Pain after car accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

At Attorney Javier Marcos, we help and legally assist clients who have been injured or affected in accidents. We have an experience of more than 15 years and we can help you get a compensation. If you have lost a beloved one due to an accident, we cannot help fill the void, but we can help you get justice that just may ease the pain and suffering that you had to endure. If you have pain after car accidents, do not wait. Call Attorney Javier Marcos for help, you will recieve medical attention and have free consultations. For a free case evaluation, please click here or call 713.999.4444.




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