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Safety tips that can prevent motorcycle accidents in group rides

Motorcycle accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos 713.999.4444

Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating but this is exactly what makes it life-threatening as well. Even if your bike comes with state of the art safety gear, if you take a nasty spill while going at top speed on the  highway, you will get hurt, badly! If you are riding in a group, then chances of motorcycle accidents happening increase exponentially.

The following are some tips you can use to ensure to prevent motorcycle accidents and that you and your motorcycle posse remain safe on those busy roads:

Remain organized – While it might be tempting to race your buddies, the key to motorcycle safety is remaining organized as a pack. In other words, someone should be in charge whether it means leading the group through specific routes or exchanging phone numbers or picking out pit stops along the way. That way everyone can remain together and cruise at the same speed which will reduce chances of accidents.

Communicate with each other – Of course, no one will be able to understand each other through their helmets but that does not mean you cannot communicate at all. Determine hand signals and make sure each person knows them before the road trip starts. That way you will not face any delays and be able to signal your group in case you have to stop for a break without breaking formation or colliding with anyone.

Make experience count – Make sure that your most seasoned riders ride in the front and the back of the pack. That’s what wolves usually do and there is a very good reason for it. The front runners will make sure the group knows where it is going and the ones in the back will take care of those who are lagging behind. This will prevent accidents and people getting lost in case someone runs out of gas. In fact, make sure each member has a buddy they can ride with in case of emergencies.

Keep a lookout for cars – Cars are not your friend if you are a motorcyclist and unfortunately that will not change. What you can do is make sure you are visible to drivers at all times to prevent accidents or being involved in one. For example, if a driver misjudges your speed he/she might turn at an intersection without warning leaving you little time to react.

To prevent that from happening, make sure you are at least a foot away from the bumper at all times. Not even your motorcycle group will be able to save you from getting sued for damages if you are found to be the guilty party.

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