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What to do if you are involved in a car crash and don’t have insurance

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A car crash happen and it can happen to you sooner or later. If you have insurance to cover damages, good for you but if not or your application is being processed, you can be looking at a hefty fine. Do you really want to pay for those out of your own pockets? In such cases it pays to know your options.

If the state you are in is like most states in the US, then you need to have at least some insurance with you in case you are involved in a car crash. In case you can’t chances are you cannot afford it but there are ways to mitigate the risks. In some states the insured have insurance policies that cover uninsured drivers as well. This is mandatory in some states so if you cannot get insurance, contact an attorney following an accident so that you know what your options are.

This includes contacting the police as soon as possible following an car crash and the vehicles involved should not be moved even if you are involved in a hit and run. If you suffered an injury or the other person is injured, do not move them or yourself. Once the police arrive to secure the area you will need to give details for a written report. In such cases remember even if you get a ticket, you are not admitting your guilt.

If you are the victim in the accident and do not have insurance, you can still ask for damages. For that purpose draft a list of repairs your car needs following the accident and send it to the other driver. This should also include the cost of each repair and the total it all comes down to. Make sure to use a licensed mechanic to come up with this list and the costs so it can be held up in a court of law if necessary.

If the other driver has insurance, the list will be forwarded to their insurance company which will pay for the damages. In case you need more help to deal with either, hire an attorney who has experience dealing with such cases. If you are at fault on the other hand and don’t have insurance to protect yourself, you will have to cover the damages to the other driver from your own pocket. This can include the towing fees, the cost of the car if it was a rental and damages to personal property if any.

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