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Excuses made in a insurance company claim

Insurance company claim? Call Attorney Javier Marcos

When you are involved in an accident the first thing you should do is file a claim with your insurance company and with the offending party’s insurance company as well. However, that does not mean that you will get the compensation you deserve right away or at all if this organization can help it. Even though insurance companies are legally obliged to pay claims in case of accidents or injuries most will try to deny yours with a number of excuses. There are excuses made in a insurance company claim. Here are some of the common ones they use:

Denying fault

The only way you can claim damages is if you can prove who is at fault. This is called liability and it is key when it comes to winning personal injury cases. If their client is responsible for the accident, the insurance company has to pay damages on their behalf and this includes paying for injuries that resulted from the accident as well. However, they may try to deny that their client was responsible for the accident to keep from paying at all unless the fault is clear-cut. In fact, even if the case is as clear as glass they might still try to gain leverage and minimize the amount they have to pay.

Denying the seriousness of injuries

If you are seriously injured in the accident, proving your claim will not be difficult. However, if they are hidden or minor and the insurance company is unable to show that injuries were involved, they might try to reduce the damages you can claim. If you press your claim, they might hire their own doctors to conduct a medical examination which will probably be tweaked in their favor.

Denying cause

In case your insurance company cannot deny you’ve sustained injuries, they might not give up at that point either. In such cases they may try to claim that the injuries were already there before the accident took place and so they were not the result of the accident at all. If you underwent previous treatments on the parts of your body that were injured, they may try to claim that the damage was caused by a pre-existing condition to deny your claim so they won’t have to pay at all.

That is why it is extremely important that you receive treatment as soon as you come out of an accident. Even after you receive treatment, that does not mean you cannot claim damages for them. Some injuries can take a couple of days to manifest as well and these should be checked out immediately. A gap in treatment can be exploited by the insurance company and can affect your claim.

Need help with a Insurance company claim? Call Attorney Javier Marcos

If you or a loved one were injured due to any kind of accident and through no fault of your or their own, you need an attorney who can back your claim. Insurance companies make any excuse to deny your insurance company claim. Attorney Javier Marcos can can help you get the full compensation you deserve and face insurance companies on your behalf to ensure complete compliance. Call 713.999.4444 available 24 hours.



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