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Should Hispanics needing legal help seek out Hispanic attorneys?

Hispanics are the largest minority in the United States.  According to the Census Bureau, Hispanics make up over 17% of the U.S. population.  With the growing number of Hispanics in the workplace and the increase of injuries and deaths to Hispanic workers as we discussed in a previous post (internal link here), it is more important than ever for Hispanics to be properly represented in personal injury cases as well as any other area of law.

First and foremost, any client wishing to retain a personal injury attorney should seek the advice of a firm that is competent and able to handle the complexities of personal injury law.  When it comes to choosing whether to actively seek a Hispanic attorney over a broad multi-cultural firm, it may be beneficial to engage the firm with the Hispanic attorney if all else is the same.

Hispanics have strong cultural pride and there is a large diversity even among Hispanics or Latinos.  There are many shared traits within this culture that an attorney with a Hispanic heritage can appreciate and cater to when working together with a Hispanic client.  Certain cultural traits may represent a different approach that a non-Hispanic attorney may not realize.  For example, Hispanics and Latinos are very family-oriented and have a different value perception of privacy or confidentiality outside the family.  Also, the family structure is usually extended beyond the nuclear family.

The language barrier is often difficult to overcome.  Even those that have a passing knowledge of Spanish may not understand certain nuances or mistakenly translate what the Hispanic client is trying to tell them.  Personal injury law as with any legal proceedings, completely understanding what the client needs and wants is very important.

Attorney Javier Marcos understands the needs of the Hispanic client.  He has focused his firm on helping and defending Hispanic clients for all the opportunities that the United States offers.  All citizens should get equal representation under the law.  It is a founding idea of our great nation and being of Hispanic decent, Attorney Javier Marcos has the experience, the knowledge and the background to understand his Hispanic clients and effectively represent them in personal injury cases.

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