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The goal of a Hispanic immigrant

hispanic immigrant

Not being able to survive economically nor have the necessary resources to prosper is probably one of the main reasons why Hispanic immigrants decide to migrate to another country in search of what they most lack. Like anyone else, a Hispanic immigrant has a desire to succeed and be able to obtain financial stability. Their main goal is to settle at a place where they can obtain opportunities that they will never obtain in their native countries. Hispanic immigrants view the United States as the light that will illuminate their shadow and a resource to make their life more worthy. The notion of a Hispanic immigrant in regards to the United States is that they will have chances to better their life as well as their family’s life through hard work, determination, and perseverance.

How difficult is it for a Hispanic immigrant in the United States?

Transitioning to a foreign country can be an overwhelming experience for a Hispanic immigrant. We are aware that the communication barrier can place a Hispanic immigrant in a moment of desperation and little knowledge, especially when they are not fully literate in their own native language. This could mean that they are bound to rejection for the skills required or preferred at a job. The life of a Hispanic immigrant is not always easy. When they do find employment, many of the times, they work long shifts at the jobs that many Americans reject; like those of high labor. For cold hearted employers, it’s never hard to exploit Hispanic immigrants, especially when they know how important it is for them to secure their job. This could also mean that the hourly pay is low and that they have to sacrifice more for the survival and well-being of their family. Not making enough income places Hispanic immigrants in uncomfortable situations like living in 2 bedroom apartments only to save enough money to send over to their loved ones and for their own personal expenses.

Risks of working at heavy labor jobs

Poor levels of education drive many Hispanic immigrants to work at higher risk jobs. Unfortunately, because of this status, many Hispanic immigrants develop conditions and diseases that can disable them or cause them death. Hispanic immigrants who work in agriculture for example, are exposed to pesticides and other substances that can internally injure them. It has been reported that farm workers have experienced health concerns such as respiratory infections, cardiovascular disease, and chronic aches and pains. Sadly, many Hispanic immigrants are unwilling to report any diseases or injuries due to fear of losing employment. Those who work in the meatpacking industry are also at risk. From loading and unloading meat from trucks, Hispanic immigrants tend to suffer hand and wrist injuries that can wear out the nerves. When in the cleaning process, Hispanic workers are also exposed to toxic substances such ammonia that can cause respiratory arrest and pulmonary edema. Reports have also shown that individuals who are exposed to this substance can experience irritation of the mucous membranes, eyes, and skin.

Attorney Javier Marcos for accidents and injuries

Hispanic immigrants can be very naive and their lack of knowledge can lead them to believe that they have no say or no rights. Fortunately, Hispanic immigrants do have rights under the U.S. Constitution and lawyers like Attorney Javier Marcos possess the necessary knowledge and critical thinking that will help to your advantage. Attorney Javier Marcos is a reputable lawyer who has defended Hispanic immigrants for over 15 years. His guidance has helped Hispanic immigrants who have been victims of work injuries to collect workers compensation, disability insurance, and he has managed all medical bills so that victims could be more at ease while they heal.

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