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How to stay safe during an explosion | Attorney Javier Marcos

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Workplaces that have flammable materials are always at risk of experiencing an explosion especially if property safety measures are not taken. A dangerous substance is any substance that can cause harm to people either by exploding or catching fire such as a chemical reaction gone awry. These can be found in almost all work places that are present in an industrial setting. Solvents, varnishes and paints are the most common but so is dust from machines that can catch fire easily.

An explosive atmosphere refers to a mixture of these dangerous substances in the form of mist or gas which can cause an explosion or start a fire. Even though it may not always result in the former, the flames it can ignite can spread very rapidly. If this happens in a closed off space, the resulting pressure can cause a huge explosion.

What to do to stay safe

The good news is that there are certain precautions and courses of action you can take in case an explosion does occur in the workplace. The first thing you need to do immediately is seek cover from the debris flying around. Plus, do not use elevators and escalators if you can help it and when you evacuate the premises, move as far away as possible. Also refrain from crowding streets and sidewalks so that emergency services can get through.

However, if you are trapped inside after the explosion, DO NOT PANIC. Cover your face and nose with a cloth to prevent dust inhalation since it will be very thick right after. Tap on the walls with something heavy so that rescuers can find you in case you cannot get out at all. Shout as a last resort to prevent dust from entering your airways through your mouth.

If you work in a factory or any place where explosions are imminent, you need to have safety measures in place to ensure you remain safe. That is your employer’s job and this also includes safety equipment which should not be left to you to take care of. Explosions are imminent in places which have flammable materials so safety measures and equipment that should keep you safe from life threatening injuries.

Explosion? Call Attorney Javier Marcos

If this is not the case and you get seriously injured during an explosion at work, then you have every right to ask for damages.  Attorney Javier Marcos can help you get those damages and more. We have a team of experienced Spanish and English speaking personal injury attorneys who have years of experience supporting such clients in court and against insurance companies that refuse to take their claims seriously.

Call Attorney Javier Marcos today or drop us an email to hear the rest and how we can help you. We will do everything in our power to ensure you have your day in court without incriminating yourself online. Drop us a line today or call us by dialing 713.999.4444 for a detailed discussion or to schedule a consultation.



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