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Excuses your insurance company can give to deny your disability claim

Disability claim? Call Attorney Javier Marcos

If you just received a missive from your insurance company that says it will not provide disability benefits following an accident, you might be flabbergasted as to why. They can use the same baseless excuses again and again to make you stop coming to them or to prevent you from calling for your disability claim. Whatever the case may be, if your long-term disability claim have been denied, there are a number of excuses you may come across such as:

There is no evidence of a disability – Many insurance companies try to deny disability claims on the grounds that there was no objective evidence (such as fatigue, pain, mental illness etc) present. However, it has been proven that such evidence is almost impossible to produce to support such claims. After all, just because they can’t see your suffering doesn’t mean that it does not exist.

Your benefits have expired – The term ‘disability’ has a new meaning associated with it when it comes to insurance companies. Most policies on offer outline a deadline of sort that claim disability benefits can only be paid for a specific period of time and no more. This is rarely more than 24 months even if disabled individuals are unable to work to support themselves.

This slight change in the definition of this term has given insurance companies unfair leverage which allows them to deny any and all disability claims after a fixed deadline. In other words, even if you are still disabled, the company will keep denying it and refuse to acknowledge it.

Video shows you are not disabled at all – Most insurance companies send out their own detectives to check whether an insured and disabled individual has a valid claim. They can send them to take videos of you going about your day or use surveillance footage to prove that you are healthy enough and do not need insurance benefits at all. However, such videos are usually single representations of a person’s life and are not representative of the work they have to do all day. Unfortunately, that has yet to stop any insurance company from using such videos as ‘proof.’

Doctor says you are not disabled – Doctors who work for insurance companies should never be trusted for obvious reasons. They are no more than ‘hired guns’ working for them to dispute medical claims and disability claims fall under their influence as well. Therefore they will always be biased and will try to reduce the benefits you receive after diagnosing you by claiming your condition is not as serious as is apparent.

Disability claim? Call Attorney Javier Marcos

If you or someone you know is facing trouble trying to get disability benefits from their insurance company or they are being denied benefits without any reason, Attorney Javier Marcos can help. We are experienced fighting for personal injury victims and those who were disabled from them and will face the insurance company on their behalf for the best possible outcome and claims. Call 24 hours 713.999.4444. Free consultation, no payment unless we win.


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