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DWI: A Recipe for Road Mishaps | Attorney Javier Marcos

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The terms Driving Under Influence (DUI) and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) are mostly used interchangeably.  However, in many states, the DUI and DWI charges vary. In the majority of statewide legislation drafts, DWI is deemed a higher degree offense than DUI because the former only entails the intoxication of alcohol administration.

Operating any machine while under the influence of alcohol is generally prohibited because of the several risks associated with it. Driving while intoxicated also has similar detrimental repercussions or much worse effects.  There are certain aspects of intoxication that makes driving dangerous. One must be fully aware of them to refrain from DWI and to avoid a road accident and the subsequent legal repercussions.


Drowsiness is one of the leading effects of intoxication, and it can culminate into a deadly conclusion if the affected person is behind the wheel.  A sleepy, exhausted driver can’t drive the vehicle properly. It is a no-brainer that dozing off even for a couple of seconds can cause an accident.


Many people suffer from anxiety after getting intoxicated. The condition remains manageable if the intoxicated person is at home. However, operating a moving vehicle while going through an anxiety attack can only increase the likelihood of a road accident.

Loss of Body Coordination

Intoxication affects the activity of hypothalamus, which in turn can mess up the body movement and coordination of the affected person. This aftereffect of intoxication can disturb one’s driving in multiple ways.

·        Poor steering control

·        Lack of control over clutch and breaks

Both these irregularities can cause an accident at any unfortunate movement. Moreover, impaired coordination along with the anxiety attack can only make matters worse.

Blurred Vision

Lack of visibility on highways is a never-ending concern for drivers, especially during the long foggy weather spells. DWI also faces the issue of poor visibility because alcohol can blur your vision. Drivers can’t rightly judge the traffic on the road due to having a blurred vision.  The instances of tailgating can increase manifold if someone is driving with a momentary blurred vision.

Slow response time

Cognitive and bodily reactions also take a hit from intoxication. For that matter, DWI is ridden with slow response time. Applying sudden brakes or quickly changing the transmission can become a burdensome task when intoxication is looming over the mind and body.  As a result, simple driving can becomes difficult and increase the susceptibility of a vehicle to get into an accident.


In a few cases, DWI can also result in fainting. It’s harder to imagine the outcome of a scenario where a fainted driver is on the wheel of a heavy-duty moving vehicle.

As you can see, DWI only meets unfortunate ends in any case. Therefore, everyone must refrain from getting behind the wheel even if they are reeling from the slightest intoxication. Know your rights in case you are involved in any DWI road accident by getting in contact with a good law firm that deals in relevant lawsuits.

DWI Attorney | Attorney Javier Marcos

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