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Why you should be following dog leash laws | Attorney Javier Marcos

Dog leash laws | Attorney Javier Marcos 713.999.4444

Did you know that most dog owners do not follow dog leash laws? If you are one of them then you have a lot more to worry about than just the long arm of the law. There is a reason why even the gentlest of pooches have to be on leashes outside and the following are a couple of good ones:

When good dogs go bad…

Even the most docile of dog breeds can get over excited when they see they are not chained. Remember, your dogs depend on their instincts to survive and make sense of the world around them. Even if your toy poodle loves to stick to you at home, it might do a runner at a moment’s notice. It might even attack someone which can lead to costly personal injury lawsuits and your dog might also be taken away from you.

 Unpredictable situations

Even the best behaved dogs can react adversely in new situations because these can scare them. When that happens most follow their flight or fight instinct with the latter being more common. So for instance, if your dog is off the leash and comes face to face with another dog or a stranger or worse, a child, it might attack to protect you or itself. A quick jerk on the leash can prevent this and act as a reminder for the dog to behave. Always consider dog leash laws.

Hidden dangers

Besides being a threat to others, unchained dogs are a threat to themselves as well. Leash laws are in place to keep your pooch and yourself safe in both scenarios and especially from hidden dangers. For example, if you are out hiking in the woods with an unchained dog, there will be nothing stopping it from jumping after something it sees off a cliff or slip on loose rocks or jumping in a lake after birds. It can also eat toxic plants that might prove fatal but that can be prevented if you have your dog in your sights at all times. A leash can ensure this besides preventing your dog from attacking other hikers.

Keeps your dogs safe

Most people will not hesitate to peppery spray or hit a dog that they think is about to attack them. If your beloved pet jumps on a stranger to play, they might still be scared enough to harm them. In either case, you will be charged with a dog bite claim if your pooch decides to attack to defend itself and does harm. Protect yourself and your dog by following leash laws and you will not need to face a court or lose your pet to authorities. Dogs that attack people are often put down as well.

Dog leash laws – Attorney Javier Marcos

At the office of Attorney Javier Marcos, we know how expensive a dog bite claim can be. If you have been bitten by someone’s dog and you did not provoke it to do so, we can help you get the damages you deserve in court.  Call us for a consultation today and we will take care of you. Call 24 hours 713.999.444, free consultation, no payment unless we win.



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