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How to stop your dog from attacking others | Dog bite claim – Attorney Javier Marcos

Dog bite claim | Attorney Javier Marcos

A dog bite claim can set you back financially and even endanger the life of your beloved pooch. The good news is that you can prevent this from happening if you train your dog to be more social. If your dog is aggressive towards people, it might be due to a number of factors. Perhaps it was not socialized as a puppy so it is fearful of anyone it meets.

Unfortunately, an adult dog’s fight instincts are stronger than its flight instinct which compels them to attack anyone they don’t know. To prevent your dog from doing the same, you need to first pinpoint what makes them go into that state.

Why dogs attack…

Dogs might attack joggers or regular pedestrians if they are not trained to suppress their hunting instincts. They are naturally incline do this and will see others as prey unless their pack leader (you) trains them otherwise. That is not to say that every dog has this tendency but it is strong in some. If your dog is prone to this behavior and attacks someone, you will be blamed for negligence and possible sued.

To nip the issue in the bud you have to break a cycle of behavior your dog might be exhibiting. If your pooch frequently barks at people as they pass by your yard or who come visit you, it is trying to warn them off. Even if it stops barking as they pass by, chances are its excitement level will be high when someone else passes by. You see where this is going, right? Eventually your dog might get bold enough to nip at them or attack them if this behavior is not checked. It might do it on instinct so good luck stopping it if it gives in to them.

How to keep your dog from attacking

If you cannot stop your aggressive dog from bolting after the first person it sees, you need to keep it confined. One way to do this is to erect a fence around your yard and check it on a regular basis. If the gap between them is too big your dog might squeeze through and escape and yes you can be sued if it attacks someone after that. Better yet, keep it on a strong leash at all times so you can control where it goes. A training harness can help you best in this regard and especially when you take it out for walks.

Dog bite claim – Attorney Javier Marcos

If your dog has bitten someone but was provoked in doing so, you can save yourself from a dog bite claim. If this is the case or if you are the victim of a dog attack, Attorney Javier Marcos can be your legal representatives. We have years of experience representing dog bite claim victims and will get you the compensation you deserve. This includes costs for medical expenses following the attack. Dial 713.999.444 to get in touch with us today.



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