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Best Family Dogs to prevent a dog bite claim | Attorney Javier Marcos

Dog bite claim | Attorney Javier Marcos 713.999.4444

If you are thinking of getting a dog for your family, make sure to get one that is obedient and friendly. However, even the friendliest looking one can attack people it does not know leading to a dog bite claim which can cost you thousands in damages.

Therefore, try not to go on looks alone when you are at the shelter. The following are some common dog breeds that are known for their gentle nature and which can help you narrow down your search:

The Bull dog

Don’t let its aggressive appearance fool you. The Bull dog is the best breed to choose when it comes to one that is great with kids and families. Even though it won’t win any awards for being energetic, it is quite docile and friendly once it gets to know its family. Bull dogs are usually comfortable in both small and large spaces as well without acting out so this is the breed to get if you have small children at home or have an open yard.

The Poodle

This dog might look a bit ‘froo froo’ but it is far from snobbish if it is given love and attention. Besides their very stylish and distinctive haircuts, this dog breed is known for being very gentle and smart with kids and adults alike. The breed can be bought in miniature and large depending on the space you have so choose wisely. They are also great for kids that have allergies since they shed very little.

The Bull Terrier

This breed is actually bred to be a companion dog for adults and children alike and has the temperament to match. The breed is also very gently with rambunctious children who know how to treat dogs well and can be trained to remain indoors with some patience. Even though bull terriers can be mischievous at times, it can be exhausted with play so make sure your dog has plenty of exercise each day. That way it won’t try to leap over the fence or attack other people that it sees as a threat.

The Collie

Considered to be the favorite breed for shepherds, the Collie can be protective and is highly intelligent making it ideal for families with small children. The breed loves kids for one thing and can be trained to be tolerant with strangers as well. There are two types that you might find in shelters – the rough-coated and the smooth-coated variety. Both have similar temperaments so it doesn’t really matter which one you choose for your home. Just make sure it is obedient and a quick learner if you don’t want a dog bite claim on your hands.

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At the office of Attorney Javier Marcos, we know how expensive and painful a dog bite claim can be. If you have been bitten by someone’s dog and you did not provoke it to do so, we can help you get the damages you deserve in court.  Call us today! We are open 24 hours at 713.999.4444. No payment unless we win.



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