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An Introduction to Civil Litigation | Attorney Javier Marcos

Civil litigation | Attorney Javier Marcos 713.999.4444

What is Civil Litigation?

When two or more than two parties are involved in a legal dispute against each other and wish to acquire monetary compensation or anything other than criminal activities, civil litigation enters the picture. These cases are usually held in court in trials and the decision is made by a judge and jury.

An attorney or lawyer who handles such cases is known as a civil litigator or more commonly, as a trial lawyer. These professionals represent their clients in a wide range of legal proceedings which range from pretrial hearings to mediation before a judge and jury. This also includes arbitrations and along with mediations, these procedures are used to guide the involved parties in mutual settlements. However, this can also be done out of court provided that the parties involved agree to it.

The following are common cases that you may have to hire this attorney for:

Personal injuries

In legal terms a personal injury is any injury that is sustained due to someone else’s negligence so if you are the wounded party, you can file a lawsuit against them. Incidents can range from car accidents, slip and fall injuries and also psychological scars left by debilitating incidents that could have been avoided if proper precautions were taken by the defendant. In other words, any injury caused by negligence can be held up in court.

Family law and divorce

Issues and disputes that arise from family relations are common in court and in families across the globe. Chances are you might have someone in your circles who is either going through a divorce, separation or fighting for child custody care. Civil litigations such as this may also involve domestic violence cases that result in disputes which can only be held up in court.

Contractual issues

If one party fails to live up to a contract or ignores obligations pertaining to it, then the other party can file a breach of contract case against them. The latter can use this civil litigation case to ask for monetary damages by the one who defaulted and ask the court to order them to fulfill their end of the agreement. The second solution is also known as a ‘specific performance’ and is common in real estate.

For example, if a buyer can prove there was a breach of contract with the seller of a home, the judge can order the latter to sell the home to the former according to the initial agreement. This can also lead to monetary rewards for the defendant to be used to assuage any emotional and physical experiences when the contract was breached.

Civil litigation? Call Attorney Javier Marcos

If you are involved in a civil litigation or know someone who is, then Attorney Javier Marcos should be your first port of call. Our experienced and professional civil litigators know what it takes to ensure their clients get the best deal possible from their case. Contact us for more information or a consultation today. Call 24 hours 713.999.4444, free consultation and no payment unsless we win.



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