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How to keep children safe by using car seats properly | Attorney Javier Marcos

Car seats failure | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

As a parent, one of the most important jobs you have is ensuring your child is safe in your car while you are driving on the road in their car seats. Every year thousands of children are killed just because they are not strapped in properly.

However, you might have trouble picking a car seat that won’t disappoint because of the sheer number of choices in the market.

If you are about to have a baby then the best bet would be to learn how you should install the car seat beforehand. The type you need will depend on a number of different things such as the age of the child, size and the type of car you have.

If you have more than one child then make sure that the seat is placed in the center in the back seat with another one next to it. You can also leave a gap between them if possible.  A LATCH system will make this easier. This stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children and is designed to make installation easier.

These types of car seats were launched back in 2002 and the best thing about these is that they attach the car seat to the car without the need for seatbelts. You can also make it tighter without hurting your child and if it is used properly it should secure the car seat and prevent it from moving too much.

Not all cars have attachments for a middle seat but most doctors recommend this system even if it means securing the seat to the side. That is a much better option than speeding down the highway with no LATCH system in place – your child will pretty much be a sitting duck then.

Also make sure that you use the top tether since it will ensure the car seat does not jostle around too much. This will ensure that your child remains relatively safe from head injuries in case your car is in an accident. In other words your main concern should be to reduce the number of injuries to your child with a car seat and attachments that keep them secure in the back where you cannot monitor them.

As a parent, you can land in legal trouble and even lose custody of your child if you are found guilty of child negligence if you do not get car seats for them. The best thing to do in this case is to shop for ones that have good reviews rather than the ones you think you can afford.

Car seats failure? Call Attorney Javier Marcos

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