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Car seat safety for kids | Attorney Javier Marcos

Car seat safety | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Even though there are a number of car safety options out there that does not mean you should rely on  them completely to keep your children safe on a drive. Anything can happen. A faulty car seat can rip off in the middle of a collision and you would lose the most precious cargo you have. The following are some car seat safety tips that you should adhere to in order to minimize that risk:

  • Most car seats are not installed correctly so before you hit the road with your kids make sure it is secure. It takes just 15 minutes to do so and if you detect the slightest signs of trouble, then consult child safety technicians pronto. They can help you check your work and ensure the seat is secure before you drive off.


  • Learn how to install the car seat for your child’s safety. All those belts and buckles might look secure but if you are new to it, then chances are the seat is loose. Ask someone who is experienced with it to teach you rather than doing it yourself. In case you are in an accident and your child is injured, you might be charged with negligence otherwise.


  • Always try to buy a new car seat. A used one might have seen better days or have hidden dangers you may not know about. Even if a second hand one looks brand new, it’s probably too good to be true. Better to be safe than sorry but if you do buy a second hand one then take its crash history into account as well. Do not buy one that has missing parts or is broken in some places for your kids car seat safety.


  • Children who are younger than 4 should not be allowed to sit in the passenger side seat if the vehicle has two or more rows. The child may travel in the front seat if all of the back rows are already filled with younger children and that too on an approved booster seat. Children who are 12 years old or older can travel in the back seat and they should have access to adjustable seat belts as well.


  • It is illegal to carry a child in your lap when you are driving. It can increase your chances of getting into an accident and you might also be charged with child endangerment. Even if you always wear a seatbelt, it won’t be enough to cover your child or keep him/her from flying into the windshield in case of a head on collision.


  • Make sure their hands, feet and legs are in the car whether its speeding on the highway or parked at a signal.

Car Seat Safety | Attorney Javier Marcos

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