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Social media and car accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

Car accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Even though social media has changed our lives for the better, it can be used against you if you file car accidents claims or a personal injury claim.

The trail of evidence you leave behind by posting about your ordeal just to get sympathy from your friends may work against you in court. Everything from what you posted to how you posted it can be used against you. This includes pictures of the scene of the accident.

However, that is not to say that it cannot work in your favor at all. You can also use it to find evidence that the other driver was negligent and thus strengthen your case. For instance, if the other person checked into a bar, tool shots of his drinks, posted them on social media and then drove drunk resulting in the accident, the pictures can prove he/she is liable for damages. Similarly, if they posted pics while driving, the time stamp will prove they were driving while doing it which distracted them from the road.

Insurers can just as easily turn social media against you though. If you have an active social media life, they will have plenty of evidence stating that you are not eligible for insurance at all. The pictures you take and post might make them question if you are seriously injured at all. Some events from your past can also work against you in this regard. Insurance companies will scour your details and might bring out posts that might make you seem reckless.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to refrain from using social media right after the accident. Do not post anything if you can help it but if you absolutely must then keep that information as brief as possible. Remain factual in the content so that you do not face issues and whatever you do, do not rant about your insurance claim on any platform.

In fact, set your social media account to friends and family only and be very wary of new friend requests right after the accident. Insurers can sometimes do that to get access to your profile and see what you are posting and for whom. Do not accept requests from your insurance adjuster either even if they are friendly or say they want to get to know you better.

Car accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

If you are in car accidents and you were responsible because you were using your phone at the time, then you will be held liable. If you use your phone to post anything right after, you can see an increase on those damages. Attorney Javier Marcos can help you avoid those mistakes with a complete consultation that will take all of your requirements into consideration. Just give us a call and we will assign a relevant attorney to your case. We have years of experience aiding clients claim damages that they deserve and will ensure that your case is no different. Call 24 hrs for a free consultation 713.999.4444.



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