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The 8 top car safety rules to avoid car accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

Car accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Whether you are driving alone or with family in tow, car safety should always be your main concern. The average driver today is more distracted than ever before and smart phones have made it worse. Here  are some safety tips that can prevent car accidents or a lawsuit:

1.      Before starting a long drive, make sure that you are wide awake and aren’t hungry. Strong coffee will not help you for long and it is not advisable when you want to drive for hours either. Even though you might feel alert in the beginning, the effects will start receding with time and your attention will start to wander as well.

2.      If you have to drive for hours, share driving responsibilities with someone else in the car who can drive. This will help you rest without losing time and remain fresh at the end too. If you are alone on the other hand, keep yourself awake by turning on the radio and cracking your window open. Try not to use cruise control if you can help it. Since you will have to concentrate to maintain your speed, you will remain awake.

3.      Keep your children in the backseat since these are generally the safest ones in crashes. That’s also where the passenger air bag is located which is ideal for children ages 12 and under.

4.      Infants should ride facing the rear of the car until they are about a year old and weight at least 20 pounds. Those that weight this much before they reach their first year should be restrained with an appropriate restraint that is ideal for rear facing weights. Children who are over 1-year-old and 20 pounds heavy can ride facing forward.

5.     Make sure that any cargo you have is secured while the car is in motion and do not try to retrieve items that fall on the floor of the car while you are driving.

6.      Always make sure that you are wearing your seatbelt and make sure that you are not inebriated either by drink or drugs.

7.      If you are driving with kids in toe, stopping frequently not only for potty breaks and snacks but for fun will pay off. They will be too tired to do anything much but sleep the rest of the way thus leaving you worry free while you drive.

8.      Check whether the safety belt fits on older children. Your older children should be able to sit without needing to slouch and their knees should be bent at the seat’s edge as well. The belt should rest over the shoulder and secure across the chest. Never place it under their arms or behind their backs either or try to fit adult shoulder belt systems on them. Those will not fit kids who are less than 4 feet tall and weigh 80 pounds at least.

Car accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

Car accidents are inevitable even if you take care of car safety all the time. In case you are involved in one because of the other driver’s negligence, Attorney Javier Marcos can help. Just give us a call and we will give you a consultation. Call 24 hrs 713.999.4444.



8 Consejos para evitar accidentes de carro | Abogado Javier Marcos


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