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Different types of car accident insurance | Attorney Javier Marcos

If you drive chances are you will be in an accident at one point or another. Do you know what kind of auto insurance you need and whether the one you have is required by the state or not? Is there a way to save on coverage and which types should you be looking at? The following are some of the common car accident insurance, you might be interested in investing in.

Property damage of liability insurance

If you are in an auto accident and the other driver is at fault then that means your property has been damaged and under this claim, you can claim insurance for it. This insurance type is quite diverse since it covers several types of damages. So if you buy the policy, you might be subject to some state based minimums you will have to adhere to.

Collision insurance

Even if you do have liability insurance, you might not have enough money to pay for the damages that your own car sustained after paying it. That is where the car accident insurance will help you.  These damages are paid for by your insurer so if your vehicle is completely totaled in an accident, they will pay you its weight in value so to speak.

However, this number will factor heavily on the value of the car before the accident. If you have an emergency fund, then you might not need this car accident insurance at all but if you have an expensive car, then this insurance will help you sleep better at night. The sum you will get will be the value of the car before the accident rather than a complete sum of a new car.

Comprehensive insurance

The aforementioned insurance policies only cover damages to your car that it sustains in an accident. If your vehicle is damaged due to the elements, theft etc, then you will need another type to cover them. This is called a comprehensive insurance policy in which your insurer should be able to handle any issue that crops up.

This is a pretty good insurance policy to have even though it can be a tad bit pricey. However, it might not be worthwhile at all if your car is easy to replace. You can also have the price reduced significantly if you install anti-theft and tracking devices.

Gap insurance

If you are currently making payments for your car, then you should buy gap insurance for it. This type of insurance is meant for drivers who need to pay off the price of the vehicle in installments and it is totaled in a car accident. This is a pretty good idea if you own more than one car which you can pay off quickly.

Questions on Car Accident Insurance? Call Attorney Javier Marcos

If you have been in a car accident and the insurance company or the other driver refuses to pay for damages you need a reliable auto insurance attorney in your corner. Turn to Attorney Javier Marcos for legal aid for this. You can call 24 hrs at 713.999.4444 for a free consultation. We have years of experience supporting such clients in court successfully.



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