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What is an expert witness in a car accident case?

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Don’t go what you have seen on TV. An expert witness can be more than a hero or spoiler in a trail who  miraculously comes up with key evidence for a car accident case. In the real world, these witnesses play a more subdued but equally important role in cases.

In most cases, they are asked to provide a thorough analysis of key evidence according to their professional opinions. More often than not, they are called in to assess car accident injury claims and provide their professional opinions on the matter.

Expert witnesses are generally those who are qualified in fields directly related to a car accident case. Your attorney might decide to bring in one to make your case more credible in the eyes of the judge and jury since they can provide testimonials that cannot be refuted by anyone present. These can range from determining who is the guilty party in a case to how much medical coverage an accident victim can ask for.

How are expert witnesses used in court?

However, not every professional can be deemed an expert witness. They have to meet certain standards in order to be taken seriously in court. For example, they must provide proof that they have specialized knowledge to understand the presented evidence according to their skill, experience and knowledge. Only then can they be allowed to testify in court through a professional opinion.

The judge is the one who has the authority to determine whether they meet said qualifications or not and whether the testimony they give can stand up in court. You might also have to attend a hearing before the can be allowed to testify to determine this.

Once the expert witness is allowed to testify, then the opposing party can also cross examine them by posing their own questions. They may try to point out flaws in the case or errors in the testimony to prove that the witness is biased or incorrect. If they succeed, they might win the case.

Expert witnesses are usually called in for a car accident case to settle damages and determine fault. They can be asked to determine how fast the drivers will going , their perspective during the crash, how much force was implemented during the accident and other aspects. Engineers and scientists are usually called in as witnesses in such cases.

For damages, plaintiffs can call in financial experts to declare how much they lost in wages due to their injuries post car accident. Similarly, doctors or rehab specialists can also be called in to testify and give their expert opinions on the injuries and future treatments.

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