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What to do right after a car accident | Attorney Javier Marcos

Car accident | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Thinking about accidents is generally daunting and experiencing one can be a very overwhelming incident. Right after the car accident, it is normal to feel shocked and it might take few minutes to become fully conscious of what is happening in your surrounding. The exact time at which an accident occurs is complicated – it is when a person is looking for assistance and literally feels that their world has gone upside down and it is also a time when a person is required to behave sensibly and logically.

Here are the 5 essential steps that one must take right after facing the accident to avoid long-term problems and to prevent putting oneself in trouble later on. Also, these useful tips can prove to be very helpful if you need to win a personal injury claim and receive a higher settlement reward.

#1: Crucial period of 15 minutes

Your immediate action after coming across an accident must be to seek medical attention if necessary. If anyone looks unconscious or is bleeding, call the ambulance immediately.

Then, switch off the hazard lights and take people out of the car safely. However, your own safety is the first priority. Make sure you are not at any risk while helping others out.

#2: Time to gather evidence

Once you are done with showing your generosity and humanity, it is time to get little serious for yourself. Take the snaps of your car and the accident scenario to capture as many details as possible. You never know which click goes into your favor.

Once you are done with the photography, look for other witnesses and ask if they have captured the scene of your car accident. Take the contact information of the eyewitnesses.

#3: Do not take your frustration out on people

Yes, you have gone through a traumatic experience, but if  you want to avoid further complications, particularly during a personal injury case, you must remain calm, especially in front of the police and other witnesses.

Pretend that you are doing fine mentally and your blood pressure is under control. Do not scream or apologize. Talk as less as possible.

#4: Keep behaving like a gentlemen for the next few weeks

This means that you should not skip any of your medical appointments. This is actually to keep a record of the fact that you have got some serious injuries and also the record of the medical bills. This will eventually help you in the court to get a greater settlement reward.

#5: Avoid talking much on the phone

Answering phone calls and remaining in touch with the other party, the insurance company agents, and the police is very necessary but avoid giving any recorded statement to these people. Remember that they are not your allies. The use of wrong words or incorrect phrases on the phone can be used against you in the court as recorded statements. Consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to handle the case carefully.

#6: Call Attorney Javier Marcos for help in case or a car accident

If you’ve suffered a car accident, you have a right to file a lawsuit to recover your losses, medical expenses, treatment, pain & suffering, lost wages, inability to work or function, property damages, and others. It’s important that you quickly call Attorney Javier Marcos  so that you can commence your medical treatment, do not worsen your legal position, preserve evidence, and learn your rights. Attorney Free Consultation is provided by Javier Marcos and Associates, your information is 100% confidential and we’ll visit the accident site, your home, or the hospital. Call 713.999.4444.



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