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Common damages associated with a car accident

Car accident

A car accident can turn your world upside down and we are not talking literally here. The good news is that you can claim a number of damages in a personal injury lawsuit pertaining to such accidents. The main ones you can claim are medical expenses but did you know that you can also claim damages for lost salaries, pain and suffering you went through and reduction in employment opportunities resulting from your injuries? In other words, just because you need to recover from your injuries, doesn’t mean that your life has to come to a standstill.

While every case is different, there are certain set standards which determine the damages you can claim after a car accident if you are the victim. These include:

Medical expenses – If you sustained serious injuries in a car accident then your medical bills will be astronomical. If you happen to sustain injuries that disable you for life or leave you paralyzed then those costs will only keep increasing with time. The good news is you can claim a personal injury claim from the accident and get financial compensation that can be used for those expenses.

Lost Wages – If you are unable to work due to your injuries then you will lose wages that you cannot afford to. If your injuries are severe enough to keep you in bed for months, then you need to make this claim so that you can support yourself and your family while you recover.

Property Damage – In this case, property means the vehicle that is involved in the accident and which might take thousands of dollars to repair. If the vehicle is a truck that you use for hauling items for work, then it means lost income you cannot afford. You can claim damages from the accident to compensate for the repairs as well.

Pain and Suffering – Physical injuries, lost income and immobility due to injuries sustained from a car accident can lead to emotional pain that can just as crippling. In some cases depression can set in which can lead to other ailments and prevent the body from healing itself as fast as you need it to. These damages are compensable under the law and which a skilled attorney can help you with. Even though it is not easy to place a dollar amount on that pain, the sum can be determined by taking into account a few factors. This includes the severity of the injuries, the amount of pain you are feeling, the nature and extent of the medical procedures required to treat the injuries and those involved in the recovery period and whether you will need medication.

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