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4 ways to avoid a boating accident | Attorney Javier Marcos

Boating accident | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

A boating accident can be avoided if both passengers and operators do their due diligence. The following  are some tips that can prevent you from being stranded at sea or a boating accident:

  1. Check weather conditions

Being out on the water can be fun but not if you are caught in a storm. If you are not prepared to battle high speed winds out in the middle of the ocean, you have no business getting on a boat at all. Plus, even if there are only sunny skies to look forward to, you should still prepare for the worst. Therefore, always check the forecast before leaving the dock and always be prepared to handle storms.

  1. Make a checklist

If you do this with your car, then you need to do this on your boat as well. Just like a car you should check the ignition and ensure everything is working alright before heading out on the water. This will ensure that nothing is left to chance and you have everything to keep you safe so far from the shore. This includes flares in case you run aground.

  1. Display navigation lights

Whether you are returning to land in the midst of fog or in the dark of night or in the early morning your boat might not be visible to others. This is what navigation lights are for and they should be on whether your boat is anchored or on the move.

This is a requirement by law and if you get in a boating accident while the lights are not turned on you might be held liable. If you do not have a lighthouse to help you navigate then these lights can also alert other boaters and ensure they do not crash into you as you make your way to shore yourself.

  1. Keep all marine charts with you

Technology is your friend out on the water and can help you avoid accidents as well. Items such as GPS, depth finders, radio systems, smart devices and other equipment can prevent your boat from capsizing, colliding with another boat and running aground. On the other hand, these devices are not reliable when they run out of charge something which navigational maps will never do. These charts can help you pinpoint local hazards such as trees, sandbars and rocks that can dent your boat or puncture the hull.

Boating Accident | Attorney Javier Marcos

A boating accident can cause a number of injuries that can be compensated for if you are the victim. If a boat plows into yours even though you had your navigation lights on, you can sue for damages not only for your injuries but also for the ones sustained by your boat. Attorney Javier Marcos can help you fight your case in court and ensure that you get full compensation for both injuries. Call us by dialing 713.999.4444 and we will assign a maritime personal injury attorney to your case. This includes determining who was at fault and ensuring they pay for damages.





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