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How a Blind Spot Can Cause Trailer Accidents? | Attorney Javier Marcos

Blind Spot Accident | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Driving a big rig amid small vehicles is no mean feat. Trailer drivers have to be extra cautious with their driving because even a minor slip-up from them can result in irreparable and fatal consequences. Every driver on the road must understand that it takes time to slow down or turn a large vehicle. Therefore, they must give some roam to big rig drivers to evade blind spot trailer accidents.

Blind Spot: An Underlying Reason Behind Many Trailer Accidents

There is an anatomical blind spot in our eyes that entails the insensitivity to light. Then there is another blind spot that externally obstructs our view due to any physical constraint. Trailer drivers often experience the latter one. The large frames of trailers and twist and turns on roads create these blind spots.

A small vehicle moving in the blind spots of a big rig is a recipe for a trailer accident. Therefore, personal injury lawyers categorically advise car drivers to remain extra cautious while driving around trailers to avoid any mishap. We are also putting down the details of three possible blind spots that can possibly be created for trailer drivers.  Keep this detail in mind while traveling on freeways particularly amid high traffic of 16-wheelers.

Right Side Blind Spots

Even with side mirrors, trailers have blind spots on their sides. However, the one created on the right side is more dangerous. In some cases, it can even extend to the entire length of the trailer. A blind spot also exists on the left side, but most trailer drivers are trained to expect vehicles on that side.

First of all, don’t drive too close to the body of the trailer to get caught in the side blind spots. And when you have to, always pass a trailer from the left side.

Front Blind Spot

The front blind spots in trailers depends on the nature of their makes. Trailers with elevated cabs and extended hoods might have a blind spot of couple feet right in front of the vehicle. So, if a trailer is right behind you, make sure to keep enough distance to get out of the front blind spot. Additionally, it will be better if you switch your lane.

Rear Blind Spots

Rearview mirrors are considered completely redundant in large trailers. For 18-wheeler drivers, it’s impossible to view the immediate rear of the vehicle. So, the entire backside of the trailer is a blind spot. If you are driving behind a trailer, maintain enough distance so that a sudden brake from its driver doesn’t result in a rearing. Keep in mind that rearing a trailer will entail more damages for you compared to the trailer.

Trailer Accidents | Attorney Javier Marcos

Personal injury claims resulting from trailer accidents often involves some serious details.  Therefore, it’s imperative to get an experienced personal injury lawyer on board where damages can be fatal or life-altering. A car driver caught up in a blind spot on a moving road is not liable for any possible accident and has all the rights to defend himself through a good lawyer. Attorney Javier Marcos can help in case of trailer accidents. We go to you, you can call 24 hrs and we offer free consultations. There is no payment unless we win the case. Call now 713.999.4444.





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