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Auto Permit for visiting Mexico | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

Auto Permit | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

The holidays are just around the corner and many people are traveling to Mexico by land. Avoid long lines and process your “Temporary Vehicle Import” permit. In other words, in these festive days, if you are going to visit your family to Mexico in a car, you will need a auto permit which is temporary.

You can process this permit by:

1. Through the internet, going to the webpage of Banjercito. Keep in mind that you can process it 60 days as maximum before your trip and 7 days as minimum. It will take 7 business days to arrive to your shipping address. So the best time to process it is 17 days before your vacation.


2. By going in person to the office of Banjercito. In Houston, the office for Banjercito is located inside the mexican consulate. The address is 4507 San Jacinto St., Houston, TX 77004.

What documents do I need?

a) Mexicans with legal residence abroad must present one of the following documents:

Passport (Not Mexican).
Passport Card.
The Foreigner can only present a valid Passport or passport card (Passport Card) and the official document issued by the National Institute of Migration.

b) Document to prove ownership of the vehicle that requires temporary importation:

Property title.
Registration of plates in force.
Credit agreement with a validity no longer than three months.
Current lease agreement.

How much does it cost to get the auto permit?

1. $ 44 plus tax to process the permit in cash or with a credit card.

2. Pay a mandatory deposit. The deposit will be refunded upon return to the United States if you return it in a Banjercito module at the border. Quantities are:

$ 400 Dollars – 2007 and later
$ 300 Dollars – 2001 and until 2006
$ 200 Dollars – 2000 and earlier

Where can I return the auto permit?

Banjercito requires a mandatory deposit which can be returned to you if you return the permit within the validity period of the permit. The validity of the permit is six months and if you do not cancel it, your deposit will not be returned. The import permit can be canceled at any Banjercito module on the United States and Mexico border.

For Mexicans who obtained a permit for their vehicles to circulate temporarily in Mexico and did not cancel it upon their return to the United States, Banjercito offers certain dates per year to return it to the Houston consulate. But do not trust, since these dates are very variable. For more information on these dates, it is necessary to call Banjercito.

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