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Auto accident? Should I file a police report?

auto accident

Nobody ever knows what kind of experiences await us when we get inside our car, buckle our seatbelt, and prepare for a congested traffic. At least that is what everyone is used to in the city of Houston. A populated and diverse city full of different people of different attitudes and characters. Because of these characteristics, people should always be prepared for traffic jams and even auto accidents. Many people think that a auto accident is not a big deal and often avoid calling 911. The truth is that the first thing that you should do is ensure that you have reported the auto accident so that a police report can be filed, especially when you know you were not the cause of the auto accident and it was not your fault. People could seem kind and honest and you may think that you are leaving the scene in good terms with the other driver, but you could be very wrong. In many occasions, if a police report isn’t filed people are dishonest and can easily say that you were the cause of the auto accident. A police report is truly a life saver because the auto accident has been recorded manually by federal law and you have a copy and detailed description of the occurrence. This document is very valuable because it is your biggest proof of the auto accident. The police report will help your insurance company determine what exactly happened and the damages that took place which will help precipitate payment on your claim.  Unfortunately, dealing with a situation like this one is not always easy and people can be so difficult. This only gives you no other alternative but to get an auto accident attorney involved who will also benefit from a police report as it will make it easier for him to fight for your rights and what you deserve.

Who should I call in case of an auto accident?

If you ever find yourself in a moment of desperation and lack of help call auto accident Attorney Javier Marcos 713.999.4444 as soon as possible. The office is open 24 hours, every day of the year.

Do not hesitate to contact auto accident Attorney Javier Marcos. He cares and manages every case as if it was his own. Auto Accident Attorney Javier Marcos is known for his strong devotion for defending the Hispanic community and making others pay you for their faulty actions.


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