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Common Air Bag and Seat Belt Injuries | Attorney Javier Marcos

Air bag and seat belt | Attorney Javier Marcos | 713.999.4444

The air bag and seat belt are meant for our safety. They significantly reduce the risk of fatal injuries. However, sometimes, the safety devices are a cause of serious injuries.

While air bag and seat belt injuries are rare, they are most often debilitating and result in lifelong trauma. Here, we will discuss some common injuries caused by air bags and seatbelts, and the how to get professional help to get compensation for the loss.

What are the Common Injuries Caused by Air bags and Seat Belts?

Serious injuries occur due to malfunctioning of the air bags or seat belts. They usually malfunction due to poor installation for which the manufacturer can be held responsible. Some of the reasons why seat belts can cause injuries include:

·        Defective buckles

·        Faulty shoulder straps

·        Unsecure latching

·        Retractor failure

Air bags injuries can result due to the following reasons:

·        Failure to deploy during an accident

·        Deployment of air bag due to a bump on the road

·        Release of dangerous gas that results in burns

Common injuries due to a seat belt defect include the following.

·        Fractured rib, clavicle, or sternum

·        Pelvic injuries

·        Lacerations

·        Organ damage

·        Abdominal wall contusions

·        Neck and Chest injuries

Deployment of air bag subjects force on the body. Following are the common air bag related injuries:

·        Eye injuries

·        Facial trauma

·        Whiplash injuries

·        Lung or rib cage injuries

·        Head injury

·        Hearing loss

Who is Liable for Air Bag and Seat Belt Related Injuries?

Proving responsibility in case of air bag or seat belt injuries is difficult. You can file a claim for compensation only if these safety devices were not functioning properly. In such a case, you can hold the manufacturer responsible for the injury.

However, proving who is at fault is not that easy. You need to show evidence that the safety feature malfunctioned due to a manufacturing defect. Getting the help of a professional auto accident personal injury lawyer can greatly help in proving the fault.

Defective air bag and seat belt injuries can arise not just due to manufacturing defects, but also due to installation mistakes. In order to correctly determine the party responsible for the injury, you must contact an experiences personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney will carry out  a detailed investigation to pinpoint the guilty party responsible for the injuries.

Contact Professional Help for Air Bag and Seat Belt Related Injuries

Whether you have suffered injuries due to a defective safety device or whether it was a loved one who was injured, it’s important to get immediate professional help to file a personal injury case in the court. If another party is partly or fully responsible for the injury, justice demands that you get compensation for your loss.

You can contact Attorney Javier Marcos for highly experienced personal injury lawyers. Our highly professional personal attorneys can help you in each and every step of filing a compensation claim. Call us today by dialing 713-999-4444  or 1(800) 444-8118.




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