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Are pets liabilities on the road? Did you have an accident with your pet?

Accident with your pet | Attorney Javier Marcos

We love our pets and would love to give them the best life possible. For most pet owners, this means taking their pooches along with them when they travel in cars, in purses and on walks. However, even the best behaved pet can go bonkers in a car and try to get your attention while you are behind the wheel. That is a disaster and a accident with your pet waiting to happen and you will be the one to blame for it.

Pets have become valuable companions on the road, but unfortunately, most owners neglect their safety while they are driving. According to travel statistics, almost 50% of pet owners drive with their pets in the car. Imagine the number of accidents that can happen if the animals are not strapped in or misbehave.

This is a very serious concern since most accidents are caused by driver distraction. Most pet owners are so worried about their pets during drives that they keep taking their eyes off the road especially if they do not secure them with seat belts. Cars are rarely designed to accommodate animals so securing your pet can be challenging. However, if your car is involved in an accident because your pet jumped on your lap while you were driving, you might be sued for damages and rightly so.

How to avoid an accident with your pet in the car

The good news is that there are ways to reduce those risks considerably. First off, before heading out plan out your journey and how your pet factors in it. This includes calculating how long it will take and what your pet might need in the way such as water, food and potty breaks. You really won’t be able to concentrate on the road if your pooch has a smelly accident in the car.

Take the size of the animal into consideration as well and what you can do to make it comfortable. If your pet is injured or pregnant, make sure it has everything it needs to remain comfy during the drive. This includes extra blankets if it is cold outside. A fussy pet can distract you so keeping them occupied during the drive would be a good idea for your sake and for their safety.

In fact, it would be best to keep your pet at home if it is:

  • It is seriously injured
  • Excitable
  • Pregnant and about to give birth
  • Incapable of feeding itself or is too young to travel
  • A new mother with a litter to take care of

Either of these factors can make your pet act up in the car while you are driving which can lead to accidents whether you are a conscientious driver or not.

Accident with your pet? Call Attorney Javier Marcos

If you have been involved in an accident with your pet, then allow our personal injury attorneys to help you with your case.  Attorney Javier Marcos is experienced with personal injury accidents involving pets and can help you minimize the damage done. Call 24 hours 713.999.4444. Free consultation and there is no payment unless we win the case.



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