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Can you sue for an accident in a parking lot? | Attorney Javier Marcos

Accident in a parking lot | Attorney Javier Marcos 713.999.4444

An accident in a parking lot is normally not reported as frequently as roadside accidents are, but did you know they can be as significant as a serious road accident in court?

These can actually effect the premium on your car insurance like any other incident. The most serious are injuries sustained by pedestrians who are backed over by a driver who did not check if the way was clear. Needless to say, the former is the one who will have the most to gain from this.

In fact, both pedestrians and drivers can suffer from gross negligence due to the false sense of security parking lots provide. For example, the former might not check whether cars are backing out before crossing the lot or the latter might back up without checking if they are behind. Even a second of inattention can cause serious injuries to both and yes, they can sue for an accident in a parking lot.

In other words, never leave the site of a accident in a parking lot before exchanging insurance information even if say the driver says to leave them out of it. That is never a good idea for several reasons. He/she might try to downplay your injuries so that they won’t have to pay as much or try to coax you into a settlement then and there. Chances are, you will not get as much as you might need for your medical bills even if the driver is a doctor!

The point is that if you suffered a personal injury in a parking lot through no fault of your own then you have a case against the driver and the owner of the parking lot as well. The latter can be held accountable for the incident for say failing to provide adequate lighting or installing confusing signs. Similarly, if you are held up at gunpoint or had something stolen from your car while it was parked, the owner of the parking lot can be sued for failing to provide adequate security measures.

In such cases, the owner of the property will be held liable for negligence by failing to provide said measures. This is applicable under Premise liability laws and is applicable if the owner knows about security concerns in the area and still failed to provide adequate security. So whether you are a pedestrian or a driver backing out of a parking space in a lot, you might be able to sue the owner and get damages either way.

If you have ever been in a roadside accident, you know how painful it can be but you had witnesses then. What if the same thing happens to you in a secluded parking lot or worse? If it is not your fault, then you have every right to sue for damages.

Accident in a parking lot? Call Attorney Javier Marcos

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