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18-wheeler accidents, how can we prevent them?

18-Wheeler accident with injuries

Being a driver of a motorized vehicle can put anyone at risk of an accident or injury no matter how cautious one attempts to be on the road. When we come face to face with traffic it is inevitable not to feel the tension as motorists are either trying to find their way out of congestion or driving recklessly. Unfortunately, many motorists are careless about the dangers they can potentially encounter especially when sharing the road with larger vehicles such as 18-wheelers. Because of these kinds of attitudes and actions motorists involve themselves in 18-wheeler accidents and injuries that could have been prevented. For this reason, it is important that motorists are more proactive and learn ways to prevent future 18-wheeler accidents and injuries.

Be road friendly and keep your distance

18-wheeler accidents and injuries can definitely be prevented if motorists are more aware of their surroundings and road conditions. It is important that motorist take into consideration that 18-wheelers are big and bulky and do not operate as easily as a passenger vehicle. For this reason, as civilized individuals we should take certain measures. For example, ensuring that you drive at a certain distance can give the 18-wheeler driver enough space to make his typical wide turn as this is very helpful to the 18-wheeler driver. An 18-wheeler makes very wide right turns so it is important for a motorist to keep his or her distance to ensure that the 18-wheeler driver can successfully make the turn without hitting the curb and causing an accident. Motorist should also be considerate about construction zones as such areas could be difficult for 18-wheelers to drive on. This also means that you can prevent rear-ending a truck that most likely has a back higher off the ground. Unfortunately, those who refuse to drive at a distance are struck by the back of the truck and are killed.

An 18-wheeler’s breaking system

18-wheeler truckers make it a habit to drive at a distance because of the truck’s breaking system. For those who do not know, an 18-wheeler uses compressed air and an air brake system to come to a complete stop. This makes an 18-wheeler very different from a regular passenger vehicle because a car uses a hydraulic breaking system that sends messages to the hydraulic cylinder when the driver of a car pushes the brakes. When this happens, the car comes to a complete stop. However, this kind of system would not work on an 18-wheeler because of its large size and because the trailer is constantly connected and disconnected from the truck.

Be extra cautious around an 18-wheeler

As daily motorist and individuals behind the wheel it is inevitable not to share the road with an 18-wheeler. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the potential dangers and how to avoid an accident or injury. For example, speeding up and staying away from the 18-wheeler can prevent an accident and injury. 18-wheelers are known to have blind spots that make it hard for the trucker to see. The areas that can potentially cause and accident are in the back of the trailer and on both the driver and passenger side. Speeding up or changing lane would be the safest action to take when you are next to an 18-wheeler.

18-wheeler Accident –  Call Attorney Javier Marcos

Unfortunately, accidents happen and they can be inevitable. If you or someone you know, have been injured or killed by an 18-wheeler, do not hesitate to contact 18-wheeler accident Attorney Javier Marcos. Our offices are open 24 hours a day year round, and we are ready to fight your case.



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